Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Review: Moisturizers!

I'm bored, so today I'll be doing a review of some moisturizers I brought to use in hall. (I have more at home!!) I got all these as GWPs. XD

The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Night Cream
Consistency: Dense and kind of solid, like slightly softened butter or margarine.

Scent: Light, pretty neutral, nothing to die for.

Packaging: The regular version is in a tub as well, which is pretty unsanitary. :(

Comments: It doesn't have preservatives in it cos it's for sensitive skin, but that also causes it to have a shelf-life of only 6 months. It is pretty soothing, but not really moisturising enough for super dry skin. It'd probably be ok for normal skin though. The fragrance-lessness of it makes it smell a little funny at first but it's ok. It also gives a shiny look but that's fine cos it's for night.

Rating: 8/10

The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Day Cream
Consistency: Less dense than the Night cream, pretty light in texture.

Scent: Similar to the Night cream.

Packaging: The regular version is in a tub, which is unsanitary.

Comments: This also doesn't have preservatives and has a 6 month shelf life. It is soothing and less moisturizing than the night cream, but should be fine for normal skin. It might make your t-zone a bit shiny but for the cheeks it's fine. (I actually use a different moisturizer for my cheeks and my t-zone which sounds so crazy and vain, but that's just cos I have so many different things that I need to finish using! Haha!)

Rating: 8/10

The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream
Consistency: Pretty light in texture but slightly more emollient than the Aloe Day Cream, which is slightly gel-like, while this is pure cream.

Scent: Pretty heavy Vitamin E rose-like scent, which may put some people off. Kind of gramma-ish, which is why I don't really like using it for day.

Packaging: The regular version is in a tub, which is unsanitary.

Comments: More moisturizing than both the Aloe creams! It doesn't leave skin shiny-looking either, which is great and a little surprising. Good for dry skin, but not super-dry. I use it both night and day, but prefer using it at night cos of the heavy fragrance. I think this is an affordable buy if you need moisturisation quick! Leaves skin soft, yay!

Rating: 9/10

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel Lotion
Consistency: A light yellow gel-lotion.

Scent: An amazingly lovely sweet and fresh rosewater-ish scent (a wee bit like rose syrup). The scent makes such a difference!

Packaging: Either a small tube, or a huge pump jar. This one is a sample. :P

Comments: Similar moisturising power as TBS' Vit E moisture lotion. Gives a dewy look, and can be used for both night or day. Leaves my skin looking amazing the morning after. I love this. My mom loves it too. It's pretty expensive over here but I'm hoping my sister goes to the US soon cos Clinique is so cheap over there!! And I cannot repeat this enough - the fragrance is lovely!

Rating: 10/10

It's been a hellish week. My zodiac for this year has to beware of 小人(people who are intent to do you harm, or something like that) at work/school and I am having a hard time. I had a blood test yesterday, and because I'm anaemic and have low blood pressure I didn't feel too well. Yet I had to stay in school and do my project till 10.30pm (a horribly urgent situation which has a long explanation behind it), which means I was in school for like 13 hours yesterday, feeling giddy and faint, carrying like 5 kg worth of stuff (I had 2 law books and a huge bunch of files and other stuff). I did drink lots of milo and isotonic drinks though, to bulk up the blood.
Oh well. I will make it through this semester in one piece through sheer willpower!!!
Oh, in other news, I've broken my coffee fast at last. :P I need it to tide through school.

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