Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Yay I got an internship interview!!

Thing is, there are 10 prospective interns, and only 1 or 2 places. -_-U Thank God my interview slot is the second last one at 11am. I could never make it for the 9am one. (I know, I start work at 9am too, but that's different cos I can afford to look like crap for it. And it's so annoying, I have to cancel work just to go for the interview. Goodbye $$. I'd better get the internship or I'll be so irritated.)

I think I'll still be going for my violin lesson after the interview. Then I'll have to rush home and grab my violin, then go to work after violin lesson in my interview garb. Argh it'll be a busy day. Not looking forward to it.

And heck, I think I'll wear pants. I'm gonna differentiate myself from all those boring girls in my course who wear blah pencil skirts. (Also because my legs have lots of scars from the scratching and I'm afraid the stress may make me break out into hives on my legs again which is so not pretty.)

Ok enough of ranting. I have a presentation and 2 quizzes tomorrow, crazy busy! Now let me get some stuff into my head.


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