Friday, March 27, 2009

Chagrin Valley Haul

Last weekend I received my package of Chagrin Valley soaps. They smell good! (Though looking a little battered through the postal system...) Can't wait to try them out!

And the internship results are out... I'm pretty satisfied with mine. I can't remember if it was one of my top choices though. I know I shouldn't expect much, but I was quite disappointed really when I didn't manage to get my 1st choice, which was located in town, near Isetan Scotts, which is my usual to-go area. :(

Oh well, I hope the office will be near some good foodie places where I can go for nice lunches every day! :D

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We Got Married

Last week I was so pissed off I got a fever.
But this week I'm all well again after I discovered this Korean reality show called We Got Married. It's too cute! I love the Joongbo couple. :D

Actually I'm crazy over the Korean version of Boys over Flowers as well. At first it was boring but now I'm at episode 6, and it starts to get different from the Japanese version. Nice!

Gosh I can't believe I'm turning into a drama addict. ^^

Another thing I like to see when I watch Korean dramas, is to look at how similar their noses are when they sit next to each other. Most of their noses have the same angles, so when they sit next to each other you can see they're parallel, which is so funny. :P

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Do Not Ever Send Your Kids To HEC Montreal...

...Or he might turn out to be like this disgusting Canadian exchange student in one of my project groups from HEC Montreal. He has horrible communication skills, infantile mood swings, behaves like a PMS-y woman (I'd most certainly enjoy tracking his cycle) and has no sense of ethics at all.

To my knowledge, HEC Montreal is not ranked anywhere in the Financial Times.

My university, on the other hand, is ranked within the top 25 on the FT list.

Irresponsible prick that he is, he flew to Thailand for a week, arrived back over the weekend (he had the nerve to ask us to meet on Sunday; hello, I work) and late last night, was thick-skinned enough to want to change the topic of our presentation when he was the one who suggested the topic in the first place. And one point to note - our presentation is tomorrow morning.

When I become a corporate bigshot, I'm going to hunt him down and make him pay. I'll use my incredible connections to make his life utterly, utterly miserable, I'll make him lose his job, I'll make him lose his wife (if he has the fortune to get one; or maybe not, he looks like a fag).

Oh, sweet dreams.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

How to talk to anyone

Goodness. You know, even though some people might have higher GPAs than mine, I'm certain that they won't fare well in the workplace.

When you break bad news to people, you do not put smiley faces at the back of your message. You're supposed to empathise and match your recipient's emotions, not irritate her (or me in this situation)! Imagine if your project is to be due tomorrow, your group hasn't done anything, and your project-mate texts you to say:

"Hi, sorry I can't meet you guys tonight for the meeting, I have something urgent on. (: "


See what I mean?!

Goodness. Though I only got a B+ in my communications class last semester, I found I learnt a lot. It seems sad though, that some people just can't get the importance of effective communication to stick in their heads.

And you know, just because you're friends with someone doesn't mean you should be lax about being polite or considerate. People make it in and out of the little friends' list in my head all the time.

As Heidi Klum says, 'One day you're in, the next day you're out.'

Auf Wiedersehen!



"I agree, it's very messy. (:"

It's very messy and that is all your fault!!!!!!! OMG.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

What I did today!

I think it would be awesome to do a photo shoot at a construction site. I really like the way my skinny jeans look when tucked into those boots. (After I took off my vest and my cap, my friend said I looked like I was making some sort of weird fashion statement. Haha!! That's so me.) I like the boots, they're like moon-walking shoes!!! They're some Australian brand, kind of hard to walk in but I got used to it. My legs felt so light after getting out of them.

I like the lines of this!

These too!
It was really fun. (:

Monday, March 9, 2009

Review: The Body Shop Roseflower Collection!

body shop roseflower 2
I bought some stuff from The Body Shop before my Japanese class a couple of weeks ago. Roseflower Blush in 02 Fuschia and Roseflower Lips in 01 Soft Pink. They all have a nice rose scent.
body shop roseflower
I especially love the rose motifs!
body shop roseflower swatches
Swatches - Roseflower Blush 02 (without shimmer), with shimmer, and Roseflower Lips 01.

The blush is reasonably pigmented though the shimmer is a bit too silvery for Asian skintones, but it's only on the rose motif so it'll wear out. The lipstick is more like a gloss/balm, pretty sheer and MLBB. Love! The collection isn't really much of a must-have, I just got it since I'm a Body Shop member and it's really pretty. :P As for the other things in the collection, I think the lighter blush shade doesn't show up at all, the roseflower illuminating stick is a bit too greasy and bright, but the other lip colours are quite pretty cos they're sheerer than they look.

Speaking of Japanese class, recently I've been having dinner with Adeline before class - the week before we had okonomiyaki, and last week I had beer-battered fish and chips at Fisherio's (at Takashimaya food hall) which was awesome!!! I'm eyeing the katsu sandwich stall at Takashimaya this week. -drools-


I just came back from my interview with a Japanese construction company (shall not divulge the name - Google is scary). They're pretty cool but it was raining today so we couldn't do a site inspection. We'll be doing a presentation for them this Thursday and nothing is up yet. ;_; My law assignment is due this Friday (haven't read a thing), my risk presentation this Friday, my risk report next Monday (not a thing), my marketing project presentation next Wednesday (not a peep either, and 2 of the members have run away to Thailand). Goodness. No sleep tonight!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Review: Mentholatum Acnes

Mentholatum Acnes was released recently in Watson's and I'd been wanting it forever so I grabbed some real quick! I actually wanted the SPF50 UV tinted milk, but they didn't import that and I doubt they ever will. So I got the Powder Lotion and SPF15 Medicated Oil Control Moisturiser instead.

Mentholatum Acnes Powder Lotion
Consistency: A toner with powder sediments at the bottom. You have to shake it before application.

Packaging: 150ml plastic bottle, quite pretty, but if you unwrap the plastic it just becomes a plain old bottle, so I only removed the plastic from the cap cos I like the design. :P

Comments: The powder really helps to control oil, but the 2nd ingredient for the toner is alcohol which is pretty strong. It doesn't sting but tingles, and that's probably due to the menthol rather than the alcohol. I like it; even though it's a little drying, following up with a good moisturiser should be fine.

Rating: 9/10

Mentholatum Acnes Medicated Oil-Control Moisturizer
Consistency: A translucent gel-lotion.

Packaging: 45g flat bottle.

Comments: It's antibacterial and contains sunscreen. It does control oil but such gel-lotions for oily skin always seem to leave a sheen (like L'oreal Pure Zone moisturizer etc), because of the texture of the gel or something. So you'll have to mattify it with loose powder, and after that everything's great. (: It feels menthol-ly as well, but not as tingly as the lotion. If I use this I'll only apply on the T-zone cos it's not quite moisturizing enough for normal skin. As for the SPF, personally I don't think SPF15 is enough, I always wear extra sunscreen. I wish they'd bring the UV tinted sunscreen milk in!

Rating: 8/10

The Mentholatum Acnes line in Singapore also includes facial foam, oil-blotting papers, cleansing wipes, spot treatment and sheet masks. Elsewhere they have a clay mask and the UV milk I want! Everything in Singapore costs less than $9.90 which is great! (:

(I think the greatest selling point would be the adorable packaging; I'm a little too old to get much "Acnes" but I still bought it anyway lol. I'll probably send it to my younger sis when I'm done playing with them.)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Yes to Carrots!

When I saw the sale at Watson's, I couldn't resist. Each item is only $7!!! :D

Regrettably, I bought the eye contour cream for $20+ a month ago, but hey, I get to try everything now! Reviews coming up!! (:

P.S. Study hard, study hard, study hard!!


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