Thursday, April 30, 2009

2-week holiday

I think a lot of people know that I'm crazy over poupee. Yesterday I popped by Topshop and saw this poupee-ish strawberry bag!!! (I couldn't find the poupee image so I cut it off somebody's flickr.) I wanted it but it's kind of frivolous, so.
I went to the new Tampines1 Mall and had lunch at the Manpuku Japanese place which is kind of like Shokudo. I had the grapefruit and orange tart, it's so good! (Like $7.80 a slice which is kind of crazy but it was on Urban so I really wanted to try it.) We had other stuff but I didn't bring my camera and I was so hungry I forgot about pictures haha!
Anyway I'm praying that Taiwan doesn't get hit by the swine flu, cos I really wanna go there in July. Hope!!

1 comment:

Yumeko said...

thanks for the welcome to singapore~
i have heard a lot abt the new mall
will check it out one day ^^


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