Monday, April 6, 2009

Went to the doctor yesterday.
I need to down all these 3 times a day.
Well done Fiona. You've really done it this time. You're so screwed for the exams.
The worst thing is, my medication makes me so drowsy, I can conk out for 6 hours straight. And since I take it 3 times a day, an entire day can just fly by just like that. Luckily people are kind enough to spare me their notes. May God bless them!
I seriously have no time to study for this sem's exams. No matter what, I still have to play for the ballet exams. I guess I'll just have to try my best and even if I get horrible grades, there's really nothing I can do this time... My priorities have changed. Health is still more important.


huiyi~ said...

Take care!!! and hang on!!!

feeyona ♥♪♫ said...

thank u!!!


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