Wednesday, May 27, 2009

3rd week @ work

My fellow interns recommended Ministry of Food, so I went there yesterday!

Tracy and her spicy ramen.

My friend's highly raved Seafood Cold Ramen... kind of like a salad with wasabi, it's nice but I think it should be shared, cos eating a cold dish all for dinner is kind of sad.

Macha zen - I was the only one who ordered dessert, it's so damn weird since everyone was asking me to go there for the desserts and I wanted to try all. -_-U Oh wells! It's good anyway!

TW and I!

We were seated in the corner, overlooking the square outside the Intercontinental Hotel and I had a great view of someone I know kissing her boyfriend there. Can you say coincidence?

We moved to Starbucks where TW ordered an Americano which was... undrinkable. Addition of non-fat milk failed to salvage it.

JCo cheese donuts don't work cos they "bu ru wei".

TW, Tracy, et moi! I wore that to work which I think is pretty casual but heck I'm at the client's place and my firm sucks anyway! My friend says I'm cool cos I always match my stuff weirdly (the other day I wore a pinafore as a skirt, cos as a dress it'd be too indecent for work), and I was like, "It's because I'm poor so my clothes have to multitask," lol!

Recently I'm very much in love with heels and wedges. Wedges especially. That shopping bag I'm carrying contained a new pair of 4" Mitju wedges. I'm wearing them out to dinner on Friday!!! I love wedges, they're way comfier than heels and I can really run in them (especially when I'm late).

Ok I'll go to bed, work again tomorrow! It's getting better, thank God!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

41 more daze

The only decent photo of me at our last class outing!!! (Omg I look so horrible why God why) And I just realised JJ doesn't have a facebook account, cool!!! I like people who don't have facebook accounts lol... I think it's pretty cool, but I'm a busybody so I need it to check out some people's latest flings. ^^

The results are coming out in an hour's time so I decided to make a quick post cos otherwise I'd be too depressed to.

So last Saturday we had class outing to this cheap karaoke place (let me remember in case I wanna go again next time; it's at Katong Shopping Centre), and last Sunday I had Kuishinbo!!!!! It's really really good. My internship friend also went there at the same time, except at the Great World City branch. I think Suntec is better though, cos it's the main restaurant I think. They'll call out "Kuishinbo, dong dong dong, 123" when there are specials so you can go collect them but they disappear real fast!

And well it's been quite a hectic couple of days, went to count jackpot money on Tuesday and karaoke at night, and went out to different places for lunch, and today I had lunch with Min Li at Amoy, and dinner with the interns at Soup Spoon! So fun! (The eating, not work.)

Ok ciao I'm too depressed at the prospect of ~~~


Saturday, May 16, 2009

O God hear our Prayer

Grant us strength when we are tempted.
Grant us courage when we are afraid.
Guide us when we do not know what to do.
Give us a cheerful heart when we are discouraged.
Comfort us when life brings us sorrow.
Help us to be persevering when things are difficult.
May Your love and peace prevail so that nothing may take away our joy.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Interning is depressing

This has been my 3rd day on internship. It sucks. I know I should count my blessings, but the pay is low, I'm stuck commuting to clients' places far far away and my supervisor, bless her, is from China, and though she's friendly I can't communicate with her properly. I really can't be talkative in Mandarin and I can't ask her questions in Mandarin because it's totally weird so it's very bad. (I know I'm not expressing myself very succinctly here but that's on purpose because I don't want to elaborate in case someone chances upon this.) It doesn't help that the other intern under her speaks so much Mandarin and she's friendly too, but Mandarin+me=blubbery blahhh.
I bought myself a Mont Blanc from Rive Gauche yesterday to cheer myself up. Love!!!
A present I bought for PS last week, I like Bob le'ponge!
Stuff from Audrey last week! I love Tokyo Banana! (The other Tokyo Banana I had the last time was actually something else from the same company; I think it's Tokyo Banana Pie or something. Lol.)

I'm really re-thinking my choice... I feel like I've betrayed my soul... I can't imagine doing it my entire life, really. I'm seriously depressed right now, especially when I see the other intern enjoying whatever it is she's doing while there I am, wondering what the heck I'm doing there.

It's not like I'm stupid, it's just that I don't find the numbers important, and I really couldn't care less if the numbers don't "tie". (If anyone talks about "tie-in" again I'll scream!!!)

If I really do end up in that profession, I think I'll have to take holidays all the time, or I'll just end up in a psych ward one day going crazy in my mind... And I'm praying real hard that the people in my future workplace will be more English-y... Because even the clients speak Mandarin all the time which really sucks... I hope the clients at my future workplace will speak in proper English and everything, cos I can't make small talk in Mandarin, seriously...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tracy's 21st: victim of swine flu

So the woman's 21st couldn't be held at the chalet cos the chalets are being used to house the quarantined people (LOL LOL LOL), so we had a mini celebration at the Little Nonya's house!!!
I love my green dress! It's all cos of the original dress code which everyone pretty much violated. -_-U Teddybear looks SO FAT. He should seriously take advice from GuanYee on how to lose weight. I seriously have never heard of anyone gaining weight after enduring army training. -_-U

And ZhiJun's in the middle... she looks like the birthday girl... Don't be fooled, the real birthday girl is the one to the right, with the poupee-ish hair, lol!

Cake that they made!!! Not bad... really... a little mushy cos it wasn't stored in the freezer but edible... XD And I don't remember why I have that strange expression on my face... and seriously it looks like ZhiJun's birthday cos she's slicing the cake. Hello?!

From left: Me, Jinyu, Tzuwei.

Can you believe I didn't take a photo with Tracy. God.

This is what we gave Tracy!!! (There's good stuff inside ok.) And the card is so bimbotic I love it!!!

It was damn fun, we played mahjong... I wasn't high really, I doubt anyone can get high on such watered down alcohol lol... Anyway I won like 3 times with ZJ's help yay!! So I guess I have mastered the fundamentals of mahjong... :P

And today I went to Marina Square and Suntec with Prof Chua, Suhui and Minli to buy officewear! I ended up with a dress which blew a hole in my pocket but it was very nice... this is size 40 in Marina Square which is way too big but I managed to find a size 36 in Suntec! Yay! (Forgive the Birks in the photo ^^)
Anyway I realised Gloria Jean's coffees have this offer where iced coffees are $3 each in the afternoons. Yum! And we had Gelare today, where I introduced them to the amazing cookie dough flavour~ Love!

I'll be going to karaoke tomorrow, yayness!!!

I want a class outing as well!!!


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