Thursday, May 21, 2009

41 more daze

The only decent photo of me at our last class outing!!! (Omg I look so horrible why God why) And I just realised JJ doesn't have a facebook account, cool!!! I like people who don't have facebook accounts lol... I think it's pretty cool, but I'm a busybody so I need it to check out some people's latest flings. ^^

The results are coming out in an hour's time so I decided to make a quick post cos otherwise I'd be too depressed to.

So last Saturday we had class outing to this cheap karaoke place (let me remember in case I wanna go again next time; it's at Katong Shopping Centre), and last Sunday I had Kuishinbo!!!!! It's really really good. My internship friend also went there at the same time, except at the Great World City branch. I think Suntec is better though, cos it's the main restaurant I think. They'll call out "Kuishinbo, dong dong dong, 123" when there are specials so you can go collect them but they disappear real fast!

And well it's been quite a hectic couple of days, went to count jackpot money on Tuesday and karaoke at night, and went out to different places for lunch, and today I had lunch with Min Li at Amoy, and dinner with the interns at Soup Spoon! So fun! (The eating, not work.)

Ok ciao I'm too depressed at the prospect of ~~~


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