Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Interning is depressing

This has been my 3rd day on internship. It sucks. I know I should count my blessings, but the pay is low, I'm stuck commuting to clients' places far far away and my supervisor, bless her, is from China, and though she's friendly I can't communicate with her properly. I really can't be talkative in Mandarin and I can't ask her questions in Mandarin because it's totally weird so it's very bad. (I know I'm not expressing myself very succinctly here but that's on purpose because I don't want to elaborate in case someone chances upon this.) It doesn't help that the other intern under her speaks so much Mandarin and she's friendly too, but Mandarin+me=blubbery blahhh.
I bought myself a Mont Blanc from Rive Gauche yesterday to cheer myself up. Love!!!
A present I bought for PS last week, I like Bob le'ponge!
Stuff from Audrey last week! I love Tokyo Banana! (The other Tokyo Banana I had the last time was actually something else from the same company; I think it's Tokyo Banana Pie or something. Lol.)

I'm really re-thinking my choice... I feel like I've betrayed my soul... I can't imagine doing it my entire life, really. I'm seriously depressed right now, especially when I see the other intern enjoying whatever it is she's doing while there I am, wondering what the heck I'm doing there.

It's not like I'm stupid, it's just that I don't find the numbers important, and I really couldn't care less if the numbers don't "tie". (If anyone talks about "tie-in" again I'll scream!!!)

If I really do end up in that profession, I think I'll have to take holidays all the time, or I'll just end up in a psych ward one day going crazy in my mind... And I'm praying real hard that the people in my future workplace will be more English-y... Because even the clients speak Mandarin all the time which really sucks... I hope the clients at my future workplace will speak in proper English and everything, cos I can't make small talk in Mandarin, seriously...

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Yumeko said...

sometimes work is like that
i feel that same way abt my job
i am on a break now but i dont know how i can bring myself to go back sometimes


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