Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tracy's 21st: victim of swine flu

So the woman's 21st couldn't be held at the chalet cos the chalets are being used to house the quarantined people (LOL LOL LOL), so we had a mini celebration at the Little Nonya's house!!!
I love my green dress! It's all cos of the original dress code which everyone pretty much violated. -_-U Teddybear looks SO FAT. He should seriously take advice from GuanYee on how to lose weight. I seriously have never heard of anyone gaining weight after enduring army training. -_-U

And ZhiJun's in the middle... she looks like the birthday girl... Don't be fooled, the real birthday girl is the one to the right, with the poupee-ish hair, lol!

Cake that they made!!! Not bad... really... a little mushy cos it wasn't stored in the freezer but edible... XD And I don't remember why I have that strange expression on my face... and seriously it looks like ZhiJun's birthday cos she's slicing the cake. Hello?!

From left: Me, Jinyu, Tzuwei.

Can you believe I didn't take a photo with Tracy. God.

This is what we gave Tracy!!! (There's good stuff inside ok.) And the card is so bimbotic I love it!!!

It was damn fun, we played mahjong... I wasn't high really, I doubt anyone can get high on such watered down alcohol lol... Anyway I won like 3 times with ZJ's help yay!! So I guess I have mastered the fundamentals of mahjong... :P

And today I went to Marina Square and Suntec with Prof Chua, Suhui and Minli to buy officewear! I ended up with a dress which blew a hole in my pocket but it was very nice... this is size 40 in Marina Square which is way too big but I managed to find a size 36 in Suntec! Yay! (Forgive the Birks in the photo ^^)
Anyway I realised Gloria Jean's coffees have this offer where iced coffees are $3 each in the afternoons. Yum! And we had Gelare today, where I introduced them to the amazing cookie dough flavour~ Love!

I'll be going to karaoke tomorrow, yayness!!!

I want a class outing as well!!!

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