Tuesday, June 30, 2009

13 more days...

No! I'm not dead yet!!!
I went out to Manpuku Food Town for dinner with PS tonight! I realised I'm running out of money so we didn't have much. I need to save for my Taipei trip!

Moonlight okonomiyaki.

Omu rice with deep-fried oysters. Love the oysters!

A bimbotic diamante headband I bought for a pretty dear sum.

I've finally finalized my Taipei itinerary. I'm so happy!!!

At the same time, I'm extremely stressed over the planning and grabbing (fastest fingers 1st!) of subjects on Friday. I'm so slow and my internet isn't that great either. Pray I get my first choice! Till then~ ♥

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

18 more days...

Last Friday I had a Father's Day dinner at Imperial Treasure (Cantonese Cuisine) in Great World City. I'm beginning to be rather familiar with the place (especially the huge Zara there!)

Thick seafood soup, crabmeat with seasonal vegetables (which was, apparently, broccoli), kung-po prawns and fish with mushrooms.

The good thing about the soup was that you have to order in individual bowls, so everyone can order different types. We had dessert too - mango pudding, durian pudding and walnut paste, but it wasn't that great. My sister and I arrived earlier from work, and the menu was all in Chinese and English with no pictures (it's a slightly higher-end establishment), and we really couldn't read the Chinese at all!!! (The English didn't help cos we were trying to decide which type of fish to order and I had no idea what a garoupa was, and stuff like that.) Horrible! I wonder how I'm going to survive in Taiwan. ;_;

Anyway, I realised I haven't been posting beauty stuff in a long time!!! (I've been telling everyone I have to let them see my collection of crazy beauty stuff!) So here's something new I bought!

A comedone extractor!!

Do you know, I've only recently discovered how to squeeze out the dirt from my pores?! Apparently loads of people do that, but I had no idea! There's actually loads of gunk stuck in your pores and when you squeeze it all comes oozing out. :O Gross.

And the comedone extractor should be used gently. (Some people use their hands but I'm a hygiene freak, so.) After using it zealously for the first time, my skin became really red and started peeling like crazy for a week, so I guess I did it wrong. -_-U

But seriously, there is really nothing as satisfying as watching gunk ooze out of your pores. :O

Gross out! :D

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Work is horrid...

I went to Mad Jack Cafe yesterday at PoMo!


Mad & Rich.

Me and Su!

Shu and Min!
Anyway here's a photo of my hair!!! (: Excuse the poser look. ^^ I like!

And I realised I'm much better at taking photos of people... My friends always take horrible shots of me!!! Either that, or... -gasp- I'm unphotogenic!!!


So yesterday I went to Maxwell to have lunch with Miss Noo!!!!! Yay!!! We ate at a famous chicken rice stall, which was not bad. And today I had lunch with Prof Chua, Min and Su at Golden Shoe, and had extremely fattening chicken rice again!!!!! Today's was way better! And it was so cheap, only $2.50!!!!! Oh man, I must go out with them again! (Even though I did have to take the MRT there.) The milk tea was great too!!!

It rocks to bitch to your friends, doesn't it? (:

Ok, maybe they'll get tired of listening to me, but it feels good HAHA. Anyway I can't wait for my Taiwan trip!!! (Stop saying I'm lucky ok, cos I'm paying for everything myself which will make me extremely extremely BROKE.)

And grad trip... in a years' time. -_-U

Friday, June 12, 2009

Half of internship, over!!

I'm so totally looking forward to the end of internship! 5 more weeks!!!

Big Noodle and I~
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have long hair. (And a fat face.) Thank god I just got my hair cut. Photos soon!!! My new hair rocks. (It's slanted at the back, and I have blunt bangs.)
Food from Botak Jones eons ago last week:


Saturday, June 6, 2009

4 weeks down, 6 weeks to go!

First off, happy birthday to my dad!! (: I bought the cake, it's from Rive Gauche Patisserie, where I bought my montblanc the last time; dense with a crunchy base - pretty damn good!

I know I said it was getting better, but this week is really bad. I hate my internship, I hate how racist some people at the workplace are (not against me of course, but I'm Chinese and my supervisor is Chinese and I can't do anything about it or I'd probably be deemed as betraying my race, whatever). And there was this horribly uncivic-minded woman in the office who kept coughing and sneezing really badly, which gave me a bad head cold and so today, even when it's a rare ballet holiday for me, I couldn't go out and had to stay at home...

I've been cheering myself out by going out after work. This is the new mall at Bugis, Iluma! I went there with Jaslyn, and it's really huge and scary! The ceilings are really tall, it's really open and the railings are all glass so it's kind of acrophobic if you stand real close to the edge. There's an escalator leading from the 1st floor to the 4th which is such a long ride!

Yesterday I went to Waraku for dinner with my sisters, followed by watching Dance Subaru! I was forced to treat. -_-U

A hamburg and ebi set meal that came with udon, rice, potato salad and chawanmushi.

Bacon and enoki skewers - really good with lemon!
Hotate butter plate. It's cold so you really have to stir it on the plate so it gets warmed up. I love scallops!
My crab udon! The broth is the thick kind.
Comes with 2 crab... claws? Pincers? Whatever.
The bowl is huge and steaming. I could use it to steam my face.
And I did!
Dessert was a peach sorbet!
The outside is a candy shell, the inside is the peach sorbet, plus a ferrero rocher peach pit and mint chocolate stem! So cute! It doesn't taste that great though - the peach is the artificial candy type, but I'd been wanting to try it forever since it's so darn cute. ^^

Dance subaru was a great show! Not quite enough bitchiness, which makes it quite fairy-tale-ish, but I hate bitchiness so it's good! There was a cameo of DBSK, and Yuta Hiraoka (pretty cute) as some guy who likes Subaru.

I saw the trailer for Fame as well and I really wanna watch it! (:

I hope I have a better time at work next week, but I'm not keeping my hopes up. It's really, really bad. Not so for the other interns; only for me. I need to air my grievances!

Monday, June 1, 2009


I went to Grand Copthorne Hotel last Friday for the buffet dinner. It's $50++ per head and so damn good! There's an outside BBQ area and an inside area with the regular stuff. The desserts are really good too. Some highlights to remember in case I ever wanna go again -

-grilled steak, grilled prawns, baked potato with the most awesome sour cream ever

-amazingly fresh oysters, super yummy steak, cheese cauliflower, super fresh salad (love the balsamic vinegar dressing)

-a light yuzu jelly, an amazing moist chocolate fudge cake... and more I couldn't remember. The desserts are good!!!

I was still dreaming about food on Saturday, which makes me quite pathetic. So it's really damn good. Plus it's next to the Piano Bar, so if you're lucky to get seated near there, you get great music as well. ^^


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