Tuesday, June 30, 2009

13 more days...

No! I'm not dead yet!!!
I went out to Manpuku Food Town for dinner with PS tonight! I realised I'm running out of money so we didn't have much. I need to save for my Taipei trip!

Moonlight okonomiyaki.

Omu rice with deep-fried oysters. Love the oysters!

A bimbotic diamante headband I bought for a pretty dear sum.

I've finally finalized my Taipei itinerary. I'm so happy!!!

At the same time, I'm extremely stressed over the planning and grabbing (fastest fingers 1st!) of subjects on Friday. I'm so slow and my internet isn't that great either. Pray I get my first choice! Till then~ ♥


Anonymous said...

oh man the Okonomiyaki (is my spelling right?) looks damn good!

&& i have the exact same bimbotic hairband but mine's a star! LOL we can wear them together in Taiwan & look like bimbo twins HAHAHAHA!


feeyona ♥♪♫ said...

hahahaha yay we can be bimbotic together in taiwan!!! :D


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