Monday, June 1, 2009


I went to Grand Copthorne Hotel last Friday for the buffet dinner. It's $50++ per head and so damn good! There's an outside BBQ area and an inside area with the regular stuff. The desserts are really good too. Some highlights to remember in case I ever wanna go again -

-grilled steak, grilled prawns, baked potato with the most awesome sour cream ever

-amazingly fresh oysters, super yummy steak, cheese cauliflower, super fresh salad (love the balsamic vinegar dressing)

-a light yuzu jelly, an amazing moist chocolate fudge cake... and more I couldn't remember. The desserts are good!!!

I was still dreaming about food on Saturday, which makes me quite pathetic. So it's really damn good. Plus it's next to the Piano Bar, so if you're lucky to get seated near there, you get great music as well. ^^

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Angela said...

Dessert looks yummy!!! I love buffet. xoxo


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