Thursday, June 18, 2009

Work is horrid...

I went to Mad Jack Cafe yesterday at PoMo!


Mad & Rich.

Me and Su!

Shu and Min!
Anyway here's a photo of my hair!!! (: Excuse the poser look. ^^ I like!

And I realised I'm much better at taking photos of people... My friends always take horrible shots of me!!! Either that, or... -gasp- I'm unphotogenic!!!


So yesterday I went to Maxwell to have lunch with Miss Noo!!!!! Yay!!! We ate at a famous chicken rice stall, which was not bad. And today I had lunch with Prof Chua, Min and Su at Golden Shoe, and had extremely fattening chicken rice again!!!!! Today's was way better! And it was so cheap, only $2.50!!!!! Oh man, I must go out with them again! (Even though I did have to take the MRT there.) The milk tea was great too!!!

It rocks to bitch to your friends, doesn't it? (:

Ok, maybe they'll get tired of listening to me, but it feels good HAHA. Anyway I can't wait for my Taiwan trip!!! (Stop saying I'm lucky ok, cos I'm paying for everything myself which will make me extremely extremely BROKE.)

And grad trip... in a years' time. -_-U

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