Monday, July 27, 2009

Taipei, Taiwan: Day 1

I'm BACK!!!

It was 8 days of fun... We went to lots of places and bought so much stuff, packing was a chore... And of course our suitcases were too heavy so we ended up having to re-pack at the airport but that was ok cos our plane was delayed...

Thank God there wasn't a typhoon! And we were lucky cos it didn't rain the entire time we got there, except on the last day when we had to manouevre our loot (1 huge suitcase each plus 2 or 3 more heavy heavy bags) in the heavy rain... But it was an experience!!! (^^)V
Our very first dinner at 頂呱呱! The sweet potato fries are really good! Then when I returned to Singapore, my parents told me there was a report on how they change the oil infrequently so it's more acidic than normal oil. -_-U Oh wells. It tastes great!!
All the Payeasy stuff I bought!!! :O I collected it from 7-11 and the counter staff were so shocked!

Stuff I bought from Watson's. I bought like 3 bottles of Mentholatum UV Tinted Milk cos you can't get it in Singapore! It's good!

Our hotel room!

So that was the first night! Will update again tomorrow! I haven't fully unpacked yet, I'm still dealing with the whole bunch of stuff I bought. :O Even after I'd unpacked lots (to put on the dining table to show my family), my sister took a look at the remaining contents of my suitcase and was properly shocked cos it was like I hadn't unpacked at all. HAHA!

I have to write my internship report too; it's due in 2 days! :O Ok ciao!

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Yumi said...

I'm so jealous! I see Beautymaker and Skincology stuff!! I wanna try them so bad!


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