Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Taipei, Taiwan: Day 2


Our hotel was located in the heart of Ximending so it was really good for exploring the streets! You can walk from any direction and find good shopping!
TW told us to have 排骨麵 (pork chop noodles?) at the basement of 萬年大厦 so we did! The pickles are really nice and the pork chop is so crispy and perfect!
We spotted Rain's beauty shop - Nature Republic. It's kind of like Skinfood or Face Shop.
Mister Donut makes the most awesome donuts ever! Pon de Lion is so cute! My favourite are the chocolate mochi rings. :D

We met TW outside 頂呱呱 and we set off for Wufenpu!

Not many pictures there, but believe me, we bought a whole tonne of stuff. Cos it's a huge wholesale place and things are generally cheaper there. Downside is, usually you don't get to try it on. Then again, once you've shopped at Wufenpu and you go to the other shops at Ximending, you won't feel like shopping cos the other shops mark-up the clothes quite a bit.

Traffic is scary though. The roads are so narrow but there'll be motorcycles and bikes whizzing past. Sometimes you see huge wholesale vans squeezing their way through the tiny roads, which is seriously quite dangerous. We're literally an inch away from the truck and sometimes it'll make a turn which moves it closer to us. Imagine getting your foot run over by it! :O

At night, we went to Raohe Night Market.
Me and TW!

They sell this meatbun that Raohe Night Market is specifically famous for. Nice and flaky! They roll up the bun real fast.

Funny UV hats that my mom has always wanted but look so horrible!!! :P

Other food, like candied haw and fried prawns etc.

Tired out at the MRT.

On our way back at Ximending, we saw this guy by the roadside displaying his squirrels.
1st day = NT$20,000.
2nd day = -NT$500.

TW's mom was very nice and bought us takopachi and a sweet bun. The takopachi is really nice and different from the ones in Singapore, they mix in wasabi too!
So that was the 2nd day! I've done 6 pages of my PA report; 10 more pages to go! Till tomorrow!


Yumeko said...

i looove wufenpu hahah

btw which hotel are u at?

feeyona said...

wufenpu's great isn't it?

i stayed at rainbow hotel - it's a really affordable 3-star place but quite popular and hard to book!

Anonymous said...

Hello Feeyona.

I came across your blog & read about your Taipei trip and I hope you can help me a little because I saw your comment that you stayed in Rainbow hotel. ^^

Just have some questions regarding the hotel...

1) Are the rooms clean?
2) Are the rooms small?
3) Are there buses from the airport to the hotel itself? Cause I heard some hotel provide such service.
4) Did you book the hotel online or via phone?
5) Payment wise, do you paid via credit card online or you paid on the spot when you reach the hotel?

And how much $$$ did you bring for the whole trip? :)

Sorry that i bombarded with so much questions!
Hope you're able to help me.
Thank you very much! :D


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