Friday, August 28, 2009

Random Colour

Aud's gifts from the EU... Peach tea mentos are nice!! The journal seems too nice to write in. (By now, all the mentos is gone and I'm left with 2 pieces of Trident.)
Random food spree at the supermarket - Jelly Belly jellybeans and grapefruit softbites! (Seriously I really love grapefruit.) Grapefruit softbites are love!!! Yummy yummy.
After tasting the original Jelly Belly pack, I really think that at least 80% of Jelly Belly beans taste like crap. The only ones I like are toasted marshmallow and buttered popcorn (cos they're novel and actually taste good). The rest are sick (in a totally bad way). I need to like wash the aftertaste from my mouth. I especially hate licorice and bubblegum and... oh, all of them! The only neat thing was that watermelon had a green outer covering and red inside, like a real watermelon. It still tasted like artificial crap though. Very English, artificial crap. Japanese sweet flavourings taste way better.

Anyway the reason for my crazy inane tasting of Jelly Belly today was because I went jogging (like 2km only) and I felt I could indulge. :D Actually I had Royce Nama champagne chocolates and Nestle Choclait Chips too. Oops.

And anyway... I realised I have a whole bunch of friends with birthdays in August and September which really sucks cos everyone is celebrating their 21st so every week I have at least 1 birthday party to go to which is so tiring (and kind of straining on the pocket)... :(

Ok, back to work!!! (Still getting Jelly Belly aftertaste to go away...)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Taipei, Taiwan: Day 8

We had brunch at Cold Stone Creamery. Mine was Oolong tea-flavoured! I wanted to try something more Taiwanesey and less Common-Cold-Stone-ish. The first couple of bites were great cos the tea flavour was really strong, but after that I got used to it and it was kind of boring. :P

The uncle here can cut out a silhouette of your side profile!

We end off with a poetic picture of Rain... in the rain.

I KNOW, I'm so lame. But anyway, it didn't rain at all during our stay except for our last day, when the rain came down in huge fat droplets. Typhoonish rain I suppose?

It was a great trip! (:

♥ おしまい! ♥

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Taipei, Taiwan: Day 7

Today we're going to the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall, National Palace Museum and Miramar ferris wheel!

CKS Memorial Hall

National Theatre and National Concert Hall.

View of the gate and Mr CKS

The National Theatre and Concert Hall are kind of like the Esplanade in Singapore (except with a more historical-like building) where you can see lots of people outside practising dance or traditional arts like playing with tops, or other things like the performances you see on Taiwanese variety shows. (You know, the kind of Taiwanese talent shows where people perform and the guests give them points or money, kind of like America's Got Talent but with guaranteed money back.)

I really wanted to watch the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre in Taiwan, but they were out touring. :( Maybe next time! They were featured in Time and seem quite amazing. On our first night in Taiwan there was a Ryu Goto concert (he's a Japanese violinist) but I wouldn't have been able to make it anyway. :(

Anyway we didn't venture deep into the buildings, we only went inside the CKS building and watched the changing of the guards which was quite funny (to my juvenile sense of humour) but I will not write anything here which is disrespectful. (^^)v

We made our way to Shihlin station and felt hungry so we stopped by a little stall that sold gyoza and dumplings, every kind imaginable and priced by the piece!

Very affordable and yummy!!!!!! 5 pieces for a dollar! :O Tracy ordered curry gyoza and kimchi gyoza and there are many more flavours which is amazing.
I had Ding Tea from next door (grapefruit green tea again!) and they had Jam Hsiao printed on the cup. -_-U Oh well, he does sing really really well, but as you can see I'm not absolutely crazyyyy about him.
Next, we took a bus to the National Palace Museum which Tracy wanted to go to and is the largest museum in Asia!!! No photos allowed so you'll only see the exterior. Quite an amazing place, we saw the jade cabbage and jade meat... sounds really dumb but the jade cabbage is really pretty!!! I expected an ugly round cabbage but it's the long elegant type of cabbage and the artist made use of the gradations of green in the jade to make it look really realistic, and there was a bit of dark jade which he carved into a cicada resting on the cabbage which is like so cool. The tour guide (in English, phew) was really funny too.

The entrance and the building.

The garden which we stupidly paid money to go into. After we went out, we realised that they had opened the gate - only after we slotted money and went in. -_-U

Cute trashcan.

The National Palace Museum closes quite early at about 5pm. After that, we made our way to Miramar by taking a shuttle bus from Jiantan station.

But first, we had dinner at TGI Friday's. I just realised that they have TGIF in Korea too!

Food was not bad, but pricy by Taiwanese standards. There were TV screens showing sports, and we were totally in stitches over the men's artistic gymnastics floor exercise segment. Some guys are seriously OTT!!! Imagine grown men with huge muscles, grinning madly like wide-eyed cheerleaders, doing floor exercise. :O There were ok ones of course, those were the ones without the manic glint in their eyes. HAHA.

We made our way to the top of the building where the Miramar ferris wheel was. (It's the ferris wheel that's always featured in Taiwanese dramas! Not that I watch them much anyway, just a bit of random info I heard. And yes, I realised they do keep filming it as a meeting place in Taiwanese dramas!)

TW said it was the worst 30 minutes of her life up there (cos the ferris wheel is on top of a building which makes it scarier if you're afraid of heights). Actually it was only about 20 minutes. You get a choice of regular or transparent cabins (with transparent floor) but there are only 2 transparent ones so the wait is longer.

Tracy and I were totally scoffing at TW but then halfway up we realised... it was indeed quite scary!!! :O Hahaha!!! Thank God we didn't choose the transparent cabins.
Oh here's a photo of the nicely-packaged pineapple shortcakes I got from Kuo Yuan Ye (near Shihlin station), they have a lovely building which looks quite out-of-place among the other older, shabby buildings. It's a 'cookie museum' apparently, and the store manager dresses very nicely and everything. I'm sorry I only bought one box because I had no luggage space left. :(

Ok one more day to go!!!

I'm quite happy today cos I don't have work in the morning and later my sis is driving me to work, and after work I'm going to my friend's 21st which I hope will be fun!!! :D That means of course I will be missing this year's Natsu Matsuri tonight. :( Oh wells!!!

Ciao ciao!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Taipei, Taiwan: Day 6

We went to Wulai (烏來) on the 6th day. It's quite easy to go there - we had to get off Xindian station and take a bus, sitting on the same side as the driver to get better views. It took about 1.5 hours to get there! Once you're there it's quite easy getting around...

This is us crossing the first bridge into town. The water's so blue! (Or green! Or rather... greenish-blue!) The buildings are hot-spring resorts but they're kind of pricy and who will go to a hot spring in summer? The bridge kind of scares me cos the sides are low and vehicles force you to the side of the road... Then again, such things are to be expected in the more rural areas, so no more complaints!

The main street in Wulai... kind of small.

Wulai Atayal museum which we didn't enter.

Taiya Popo (泰雅婆婆美食店), the restaurant we had lunch in.

We had bamboo rice and wild boar meat!

Crossing the second bridge.

We went down to take a dip by the river!

You'll see Helen's Coffee after crossing the second bridge - it offers good views and a nice place to take in the scenery but we didn't linger there.

We hiked up a long, long way... so tiring! There were people speeding by in scooters... enviable. It took about 20 minutes to walk up...

...only for a baby waterfall that I almost blocked out with my big head!

We took the cable car and the view is great!

So that was Wulai! We took the bus and MRT back to Gu-ting (if I remember correctly) and on the MRT we saw high school kids in gym wear, fresh and stinky from PE... :P The guys wear blue and the girls wear pink! So cute! I wondered why they still wear track pants in summer though? Looks hot... literally.

We had a 9-course dinner at Tastee, a place TW recommended to us! You pay about $25 for a 9-course meal and you can choose from many options for each course. The service was really good! The creme brulee wasn't crisp enough though, and the drink tasted really weird... But there are many other choices! TW said there's the dessert with a chocolate parcel at the side that's a must-try! (I forgot her telling me about it, sadly...)

So we only have 1 more day in Taiwan... Thank God! I'm running out of blogging stamina! :P


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