Friday, August 28, 2009

Random Colour

Aud's gifts from the EU... Peach tea mentos are nice!! The journal seems too nice to write in. (By now, all the mentos is gone and I'm left with 2 pieces of Trident.)
Random food spree at the supermarket - Jelly Belly jellybeans and grapefruit softbites! (Seriously I really love grapefruit.) Grapefruit softbites are love!!! Yummy yummy.
After tasting the original Jelly Belly pack, I really think that at least 80% of Jelly Belly beans taste like crap. The only ones I like are toasted marshmallow and buttered popcorn (cos they're novel and actually taste good). The rest are sick (in a totally bad way). I need to like wash the aftertaste from my mouth. I especially hate licorice and bubblegum and... oh, all of them! The only neat thing was that watermelon had a green outer covering and red inside, like a real watermelon. It still tasted like artificial crap though. Very English, artificial crap. Japanese sweet flavourings taste way better.

Anyway the reason for my crazy inane tasting of Jelly Belly today was because I went jogging (like 2km only) and I felt I could indulge. :D Actually I had Royce Nama champagne chocolates and Nestle Choclait Chips too. Oops.

And anyway... I realised I have a whole bunch of friends with birthdays in August and September which really sucks cos everyone is celebrating their 21st so every week I have at least 1 birthday party to go to which is so tiring (and kind of straining on the pocket)... :(

Ok, back to work!!! (Still getting Jelly Belly aftertaste to go away...)

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