Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Phone!

My new Sony Ericsson T707.

My old Sony Ericsson Z610i.

Looks pretty similar huh?! I think my old phone actually looked way prettier! :( I miss it so much (I still have it cos it's not worth much) but the battery was dying very quickly and it had scratches on the inside.

Why do they have to change phones all the time?! Why can't they just upgrade the phone and keep its pretty exterior?

Well I guess I should be happy I have a new one, so.

Anyway today I had a nice day in school doing our project. 4 girls, one seminar room, lots of chatting but also discussing of basic principles (through which I realised we have such lousy basics)! And I paid my non-refundable deposit today... it'll be weird going with someone I hardly know but I hope we can get along!



Yumeko said...

oh i am so behind on blog reading! but woo shiny phone! u like a certain style phone i see

feeyona said...


oops is it that obvious?

sez said...

haha it's a little obvious! Ur last phone looked really nice n schnazzy! But then again upgrades are necessary for newer & improved features (I tell myself every time ^^)


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