Thursday, September 24, 2009


Recess week starts now for me! Most of it will be filled with work, but what's new?

I just felt that recently, lots of my friends have been getting very stressed and edgy about school, projects, events and stuff, whether freshies or final years. The thing is, I'm not the most perceptive person in the world and I just felt quite touched when I got an email apology about someone's behaviour (which I never expected because we're all friends and we know we'd never be intentionally rude unless we were like seriously stressed or PMS-y). Actually I feel like I've been pretty horrible last week as well because of my presentation (which ended quite badly with the entire part I presented being wrong but it was done as a group with other people so...) but I'm thankful for my friends trying to make me feel better cos I'm sure they noticed my sucky mood after that...

Basically I'm just really grateful for all the emotional support I've been receiving from people around me and I hope I can be a more perceptive person and give other people support as well (because sometimes, I just don't notice).

And another thing that's worrying me really badly - my tutor (who's the lecturer and course coordinator as well) for this really difficult course where it's rumoured that 13% of people fail (which is not a large percentage for other faculties but is HUGE for our faculty) is leaving school after recess week because the university wouldn't let him exchange his unutilized paid leave for money. And well it's not his fault that he wanted to retire (at his age, he really should!) and the stupid university wouldn't let him exchange his leave. So it'll be a new tutor judging our presentation which is quite difficult cos it's the second last presentation of the semester. And a new tutor judging our class participation. For the most difficult module EVER.


Ok, enough of sadness. Regular ditzy frou frou posts coming up after the weekend!

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