Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My So-called Life

it was a special :P

I just finished a Cubiks test and it was like horrible! It requires so much concentration but I'm pretty much attention-deficit so.

I wasn't feeling great today cos my ear was blocked cos I was tired yesterday and maybe the violin was too loud.

The weirdest thing that happened to me was that I sat next to the loudest guy in the lecture for my elective (which I usually skip). He was like so weird. We had to do a questionnaire and he totally asked to copy my answers even though it's a questionnaire so it doesn't matter! And he like shouts out these really funny answers to questions which was seriously amusing. And halfway through the lecture, his phone went off really loudly and everyone promptly turned to stare. HAHA.

After class I went to the bus stop to find my so-called friends except they'd already left. -rolls eyes-

Back to work.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lengthy Post

Goodness, I feel like crap!

A group of my friends asked me out for this Saturday, ostensibly to celebrate my birthday, but obviously I couldn't make it cos on Saturday I have CCA in the morning and a project meeting in the evening, and Sunday is well, meh. I feel crappy cos I have been blowing them off so many times (cos I was previously busy all the other times they asked me out) and I feel like every time we go out, it's on my terms (only when I'm free) and even when I do go out with them, I don't increase the 'atmosphere' much? And it makes me feel so guilty that they want to celebrate my birthday when I've been such a horrible friend. They probably thought I'd be free on Saturday since it's a public holiday, so it really sucks.

And I was supposed to have my birthday dinner with the family this Saturday but I have to do my project (report due Monday morning). I won't be able to go for high tea with the extended family on Sunday (to welcome my cousin back to SG) cos I'll probably be rushing the report. And on Sunday I'll be busy in the morning with work, in the afternoon with my violin lesson, both of which are non-cancellable, which I guess will make my project mates a little annoyed cos it means we can't meet then (not that I'm such an invaluable member that they can't meet without me anyway).


Now do you know why I couldn't care less about my birthday?

It stresses me out!

I know my friends and I are all really really busy right now and we're not getting much sleep at all so my birthday wish (though my birthday's not here yet) would be for us to all pull through!!!

:D Yayness!!! Ok I'm off to hit the showers and then the books.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Birthday

Delicious strawberry shortcake from Rive Gauche Patisserie! Yummy yummy.

I have no idea what birthday cake I want. I thought of a mont blanc, but the big sis shot down that idea immediately lol. I wanted a huge strawberry tart instead of a cake but I have no idea where to get it. And Mezza9 has a great chocolate cake but nobody I know is popping by there anytime soon. And Gelare makes a great chocolate cake too, but apparently, Gelare's no longer in Singapore!!! Like, OMG?!

Well it doesn't really matter anyway. This is like my busiest period ever but I'll spare you the details.


Friday, October 9, 2009


It takes very little to make me so stressed I feel like crying - losing stuff that I really need is the easiest. (Funnily enough, piles of schoolwork can't do that.)

I'm not a disorganised person. It's just that, one needs space to organise. You can't organise without any space. And I don't have space. And it ended up even worse after I moved home. And bear in mind, I already threw out bags and bags of my things.

Imagine how it feels when you're rushing out with nothing to wear and you can't remember where you put XXX because your closet was full and you keep half your clothes in a huge box underneath your bed, and all the clothes in it are folded, not ironed which makes them more difficult to go through.

Imagine if you're trying to find a necklace that you really loved and haven't even worn once, just to find you can't remember where you put it. And you check in all the usual places you put your jewellery in but it's not there because there's no longer any space there so you had to put it somewhere else, but you just couldn't remember where.

I waste hours and hours trying to find my stuff all the time.

And it really sucks.

Anyway, the most recent update is that I just found my long-lost laptop battery (which I lost for over a year). I found it as I was looking for the documents for my digital piano.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Peektures from September

For the Boss' birthday!

Friday, October 2, 2009


Here's a bunch of eco-totes I bought like last month, just to test out a new photo freeware I downloaded. ^^ I wanted to get analogcolor but you need to pay using paypal which I don't use. :(

Anyway I'm quite annoyed, there are too many people carrying the Marc Jacobs bag around, Kinokuniya has brought too many in this time. I think I'll stop toting it around and maybe start on Cher and the Paul and Joe bag. I've been using the small Cher ones as lunchbags! (I have no lunchbreak at all on Saturday and only 15 minutes on Sunday so I've been bringing a lunchbox and flask of soup/coffee to work which has been working pretty fine...)

I have 2 quizzes next week so I guess I'd better get started. I hate studying at home though; my mum has a horrible habit of vocalising her every single thought (when it's utterly unnecessary) so it's REALLY NOISY at home.


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