Friday, October 2, 2009


Here's a bunch of eco-totes I bought like last month, just to test out a new photo freeware I downloaded. ^^ I wanted to get analogcolor but you need to pay using paypal which I don't use. :(

Anyway I'm quite annoyed, there are too many people carrying the Marc Jacobs bag around, Kinokuniya has brought too many in this time. I think I'll stop toting it around and maybe start on Cher and the Paul and Joe bag. I've been using the small Cher ones as lunchbags! (I have no lunchbreak at all on Saturday and only 15 minutes on Sunday so I've been bringing a lunchbox and flask of soup/coffee to work which has been working pretty fine...)

I have 2 quizzes next week so I guess I'd better get started. I hate studying at home though; my mum has a horrible habit of vocalising her every single thought (when it's utterly unnecessary) so it's REALLY NOISY at home.

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Kalmo said...

Aww love the new tote bags! Good luck in school, i need to study too. ^^


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