Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lengthy Post

Goodness, I feel like crap!

A group of my friends asked me out for this Saturday, ostensibly to celebrate my birthday, but obviously I couldn't make it cos on Saturday I have CCA in the morning and a project meeting in the evening, and Sunday is well, meh. I feel crappy cos I have been blowing them off so many times (cos I was previously busy all the other times they asked me out) and I feel like every time we go out, it's on my terms (only when I'm free) and even when I do go out with them, I don't increase the 'atmosphere' much? And it makes me feel so guilty that they want to celebrate my birthday when I've been such a horrible friend. They probably thought I'd be free on Saturday since it's a public holiday, so it really sucks.

And I was supposed to have my birthday dinner with the family this Saturday but I have to do my project (report due Monday morning). I won't be able to go for high tea with the extended family on Sunday (to welcome my cousin back to SG) cos I'll probably be rushing the report. And on Sunday I'll be busy in the morning with work, in the afternoon with my violin lesson, both of which are non-cancellable, which I guess will make my project mates a little annoyed cos it means we can't meet then (not that I'm such an invaluable member that they can't meet without me anyway).


Now do you know why I couldn't care less about my birthday?

It stresses me out!

I know my friends and I are all really really busy right now and we're not getting much sleep at all so my birthday wish (though my birthday's not here yet) would be for us to all pull through!!!

:D Yayness!!! Ok I'm off to hit the showers and then the books.

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Aralka said...

oh, being busy is really troublesome.
I have the same problem. When my friends ask me to go out I alway tell "sorry, I cannot, i have too much homework" or something like this.
I feel sad, because I want to spend time with them, but i CANNOT >.<
Stupid school, stupid duties.
btw, I hope you will find some time soon :)
and hey! my bday is this month too ^_^



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