Friday, October 9, 2009


It takes very little to make me so stressed I feel like crying - losing stuff that I really need is the easiest. (Funnily enough, piles of schoolwork can't do that.)

I'm not a disorganised person. It's just that, one needs space to organise. You can't organise without any space. And I don't have space. And it ended up even worse after I moved home. And bear in mind, I already threw out bags and bags of my things.

Imagine how it feels when you're rushing out with nothing to wear and you can't remember where you put XXX because your closet was full and you keep half your clothes in a huge box underneath your bed, and all the clothes in it are folded, not ironed which makes them more difficult to go through.

Imagine if you're trying to find a necklace that you really loved and haven't even worn once, just to find you can't remember where you put it. And you check in all the usual places you put your jewellery in but it's not there because there's no longer any space there so you had to put it somewhere else, but you just couldn't remember where.

I waste hours and hours trying to find my stuff all the time.

And it really sucks.

Anyway, the most recent update is that I just found my long-lost laptop battery (which I lost for over a year). I found it as I was looking for the documents for my digital piano.

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Kalmo said...

Glad you found your lap top battery! Ah I need to be more organized myself, it is very frustrating when you're in a hurry but can't find a certain shirt or necklace!


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