Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My So-called Life

it was a special :P

I just finished a Cubiks test and it was like horrible! It requires so much concentration but I'm pretty much attention-deficit so.

I wasn't feeling great today cos my ear was blocked cos I was tired yesterday and maybe the violin was too loud.

The weirdest thing that happened to me was that I sat next to the loudest guy in the lecture for my elective (which I usually skip). He was like so weird. We had to do a questionnaire and he totally asked to copy my answers even though it's a questionnaire so it doesn't matter! And he like shouts out these really funny answers to questions which was seriously amusing. And halfway through the lecture, his phone went off really loudly and everyone promptly turned to stare. HAHA.

After class I went to the bus stop to find my so-called friends except they'd already left. -rolls eyes-

Back to work.

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Kalmo said...

Aw that cake looks amazing and you look so cute! Is it your birthday? if so, happy birthday! :)


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