Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Xmas 2010

Hope everyone had a happy Christmas!!! :D

My present to myself - a Kate Spade Jane Street wallet! I love it to pieces - it's huge and bulky but the chain strap is so versatile - I can wear it as a handbag, clutch or wristlet. And the leather is very durable.
A souvenir from Bangkok - it's so pretty. I want to go there because everyone's been there but they all tell me I won't like it. -_-U
A gift exchange present. Like, what? Lol.
Baylis & Harding bath stuff. Will be trying it out soon!

Have a happy New Year everyone! My New Year's resolution: To gain weight on my upper body (like around the shoulders and chest). I hate looking too skinny on top. I look like some half-starved orphan in some photos recently where I wore a scoop-neck top, and I hate that. Any advice? (Other than eating more, because any weight I gain goes straight to my hips.)

Regular posts to resume next week! I won a Cosme Decorte highlighting thingy from MakeupStash and I hope to review it soon. (: My first time winning something! Woohoo. :D

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Review: Fasio Lash Style Perfector Mascara

Recently I've been using Fasio Lash Style Perfector in Deep Brown. It comes in a sleek gold tube, really elegant! The most unique thing about it is its lack of bristles:

Instead it has coils! This makes the application technique very different from usual mascaras. For regular mascaras, I'd usually wiggle the brush in a zig zag motion through my lashes from base to tip to separate and add volume evenly throughout. But for this mascara, there are no bristles, so wiggling the brush doesn't work and instead makes my lashes clumpy. The best way to apply this mascara is very simple - just brush it up straight. It tends to clump with 2 coats or more though, so I use my Tweezerman brow brush to brush out the clumps.

Here's how it looks after just one coat (I like one-coaters) - curled and with just enough volume for everyday. It stays on very very well, no smudging at all (just a wee bit after 12 hours) and holds a curl all day long! I love this.

The only quibble I have is the tendency for clumpiness - I can't use this without a lash comb/brush. Then again, I hate clumps so much that every time I use mascara, I need to use a lash comb/brush so this mascara doesn't add much fuss to my routine.

Rating: 9/10


I went for a session at my regular Chinese doctor this morning - it's like a chiropractic/massage/acupuncture place. I got this recurring injury and slumping over my laptop at work doesn't help much. I try to go once a month but this was my first visit in 2 months cos I was busy. Got myself a chiropractic alignment, massage and acupuncture. God, today's acupuncture session really hurt!!!!!!! Usually the doctor just pokes in, out, like ant bites, but today, he really drilled in the needles deep into my so very sore muscles. After that I had lunch, did some shopping and went home for a deep snooze till dinnertime. Acupuncture really gets my blood circulation going. Today's was so painful that I cried! But I will go back again after my busy period ends in May - I'll have some super sore muscles then, I'm sure.

Christmas week, I'm so happy! I still haven't sent my Xmas cards cos I've been too busy to get stamps (oops). I'm looking forward to partying!!!!!!!!!! Partayyyyy!!!!!

Happy holidays everyone!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Reverse Flower EOTD + Tokidoki Robbery Palette!

This seems like a reverse of my Tibi Spring-wannabe EOTD. I used the lime green shade in my new Tokidoki Robbery Palette (Soya) on the lid and the white-gold (Candycane) on the inner rim, and hot pink Raspberry blush from my Bobbi Brown palette on the outer rim. Mascara - Fasio Lash Style Perfector which I will review in an upcoming entry! The colours always look washed out; I don't know, I need to get a new camera maybe.

See how washed out it is? (And don't say I'm not slapping on enough makeup >_<) I woke up bright and early for breakfast with my uni girls and I'm always rushing and FOTD photos take up so much time because my camera has a hard time capturing colours, and I have to find ways to face the sunlight etc etc. On to the make-up!!! Drumroll please... Presenting... the TokiDoki Robbery Palette!!!
It comes with this super cute magnet on the top!!

The cute tin box houses 3 portable palettes. There's a mirror on the lid but I never use it, cos I'll pop out whichever palette I'm using. So honestly I don't find much use for the tin box, especially since my desk is full of clutter as it is. But it's so cute!

I find the eyeshadows really pigmented and blendable, very easy to work with! I like the blush in the middle (Momobella) the best; it's kind of like my Urban Decay blush in Score, except less pigmented. It's quite glittery and peachy; I don't own NARS Orgasm, but I have a feeling it's similar, except Momobella's more pink. The other blush, Polpettina, is more pigmented and a deep pink with peach undertones. I really need to use a light hand with it, or use a skunk brush. The bronzer is slightly glittery, and I use it on my nosebridge. I don't use bronzer much and I don't do contouring since people usually contour to make their features sharper (nose, cheekbones...) and I don't exactly want to emphasize them. So I use it as an eyeshadow wash for work, which works out ok.

Last weekend I went to this Japanese restaurant called Irodori for dinner. It serves ala-carte buffet; you can order what you want from the menu and they'll serve it. The food's not bad, but I always believe you can tell the quality of Jap food from the tempura. The tempura they served was slightly better than in most Jap restaurants in Singapore I guess, I'd say it's 75% there. The batter and the crunch is not perfect. My recommendations for Irodori would be the pumpkin, sweet potato and lotus root tempura! Yum yum.

Irodori is indeed colourful.

The thing about buffets is that I hardly ever photograph everything; I photograph the 1st round and after that I don't bother because I'm too busy eating, lol!

This morning I had brunch at Hot Tomatoes at 313 Somerset.

Both the tomato and mushroom soups were really flavourful! Not runny like most set meals you get from other places.

I had the sirloin and lobster au gratin. It's quite perfect except the steak was a teeny bit tough even though it was medium rare and nicely pink in the middle. With lime juice, the entire set meal cost only about $20 inclusive of 17% tax and service charge. Really worth it in my opinion!

Yesterday I went to watch Walking with Dinosaurs. (Geeky, but I like it lol. The tickets I consider cheap as compared to going for an SSO concert or SDT ballet. This is how I enjoy spending my weekends - I don't club, I am a very very good girl. ^^)

It was only about 1.5 hours long excluding intermission, but quite fun cos we got to take this video where a fake digital dinosaur will appear on the screen behind you and you get to interact with it. LOL. I wasn't even tall enough to reach it though. :(

It has been a good week; I managed to watch Rapunzel after work and on Friday night I crashed a particular company's Christmas Party at Powerstation and had free-flow. :D I only had 3 drinks before they stopped though. Here's to work-life balance! Have a great week everyone (:

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fancl Voyager Christmas Collectibles and more food!

Last weekend I stocked up on my base make-up from Fancl because they were 10% off, and I got their Voyager tumbler, lunch bag and calendar!

260ml capacity as compared to Starbucks

I like how the lunchbag has a holder to keep the tumbler upright because such tumblers always tumble over in my bag and leak.

The calendar has a weird format though. It's not tabled, instead it has lines for every day. Not very good for people who like to write lots of stuff or check their schedule quickly at a glance. And I hate how they have product pictures every month; it makes me wanna buy more stuff. ;_;

Dinner at the Handburger at 313 Somerset last week. It's not a very conducive place for a date so it's best to go with friends because it has canteen style benches and everyone's too close for comfort.

Chilled stuffed tomato. Looks crappy but delish!!!

The works burger - it has the crispiest bacon and onion rings I've ever had!!! Omg. And runny egg yolk. Yums!

Duck confit burger. Quite interesting. It has raw dou miao (pea shoots) which I don't quite appreciate. :P The mandarin orange sauce is nice though.

Oh God the Christmas sales are upon us and I hear Chrismassy songs everywhere!!! I don't feel like working and I feel like spending a hole in my wallet. ;_; Falalala! Which reminds me - I'd better start sending out Xmas cards soon especially to my friends overseas!!! Till next time ;)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

FOTD and food~

Teal and gold eyeliner, Bourjois
Fasio Lash Style Perfector mascara in brown

Stila blush from the Fall Fantasy Laguna agate palette
Sugarbaby lip & cheek tint

Last Sunday I met up with our buddies who came to visit us from Malaysia. We had a long chat at Coffee Club where I had the most amazing earl grey tea with vanilla ice cream! Omg it was really good.

The next day we had dinner at The Mussel Guys at Vivocity - they had lots of photos with celebrities who had been there and I had the mussel pasta thingy, but the mussels weren't that great. :x And omg, my friend found a baby crab in one of her mussels!!! :O The mussel's last dinner?

Can you see the baby crab at the bottom left?

Back to work tomorrow - have a good week everyone (:

Sunday, November 14, 2010

FOTD and Review of Bourjois Shimmering Shine Liquid Eyeshadow and Maybelline Collagen Gloss

Hi all, long time no see again. Work is killing me. I had my company dinner and dance on Friday though so I had a chance to paint my face and here is the result -

Argh I forgot to do a macro of the eye. You can't see anything in the photo here. I know my friend will say that's because I didn't put enough eye make-up but I don't enjoy looking like a bloody wayang (opera) troupe member. For my own reference-

Lower inner rims - VS chubby eyestick in glampagne
Lower outer rims + tightline upper lashline - Body Shop Eye Definer in Glowing Amethyst
All-over wash - Bourjois Shimmering Shine Liquid Eyeshadow in 32 Brun Magnetique
Eyeshadow - Brown shade in Lavshuca Dual Prism Eyes GN2
Blush - Bourjois blush in Rose Frisson
Lipgloss - Maybelline Watershine Collagen Gloss in BP21

Let me do a quick review of the 2 new items in the FOTD which I am totally loving at the moment -

Bourjois Shimmering Shine Liquid Eyeshadow
This is seriously good stuff! It's basically an eye gloss which you can use as an ultrapigmented shadow or a sheer overall wash of metallic colour. Brun Magnetique is that mushroomy-mink shade that everyone should have. I use it every day at work now as a sheer wash - it's so easy, just dab and spread and it dries so quickly, no fuss at all! It doesn't migrate or crease, though colour does fade a little without a base. But with primer/UDPP, it lasts forever!
Rating: 10/10

Maybelline Watershine Collagen Gloss
This is seriously good stuff too! It's not ultra-glossy, but it has that watery look that totally blurs liplines and it is the only lipgloss I have tried which I can honestly say is not sticky at all. It's even better than Sally Hansen's Lip Inflation (which is awesome). This colour (BP21) is one of the more pigmented and non-shimmery ones while other colours contain some shimmer and are more sheer. I would compare the look of this gloss to Covermark's lipgloss which is so much more expensive.
Rating: 10/10


I hope to blog again soon - there's a public holiday this Wednesday so I think I might have time. Till then!

P.S. Food at Marina Bay Sand's Chinese banquets suck. The sharks' fin soup is a major waste of sharks' fin and the appetizers came out cold (and it wasn't a cold platter). If anyone is getting married soon, please avoid throwing your wedding dinner at MBS because in my opinion, it is overhyped. :P


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