Sunday, January 31, 2010

Review: Formula 1006 mud masks

Usually when I see little individual packs of things at the drugstore, I'll buy them cos they're cheap and you can sample them! So I end up with many small bottles and satchets of stuff. Formula 10.0.6 is a relatively new brand on the shelves so I grabbed these satchets a while ago to try out. I've since purchased the full-sized version of the green one and the orange one. Samples work! If only they were free. :P Each sample is sufficient for 2 or 3 applications.

Deep Down Detox - Ultra-cleansing Mud Mask (Orange and Bergamot)
It's a pastel orange clay mask that smells like orange candy! (Like orange frutella!) I noticed that this is the only one out of the 3 masks that does not contain salicylic acid, which I guess explains why it doesn't sting like the others did. My skin feels really clean after using it, and it's not drying at all, unlike many other mud masks I've tried.


No Time To Shine - Oil-absorbing Mud Mask (Sea kelp and Calendula)
It's a greenish clay that smells slightly floral with an undertone of sea kelp. (Or that's what I think... not a very pleasant undertone but it's bearable and grows on me.) It stings a bit at first, but it's not drying, and leaves my skin really soft. It really helps to bring deep-down gunk onto the surface and leaves pores smaller and skin smoother. Be sure to use toner after this though - even after I rinsed my face many times with warm water, I'd still get traces of green from the mask on my cotton wool. This is my sisters' favourite as well. (They use my stuff like it's free, lol.)


Pores Be Pure - Skin-clarifying Mud Mask (Strawberry and Yarrow)
It's a pastel pink clay with a sweet strawberry scent. It contains salicylic acid as well and really stings like crazy!!!!! I find this is the worst clay mask I've tried so far... it feels like my blemishes are aggravated and they look more pronounced after using the mask. Good points - non-drying. Doesn't seem to do much else.


I do recommend getting the orange one and the green one... they're quite affordable and I like them because they're non-drying unlike other mud masks. I wouldn't use them rightaway after exfoliating since they might sting, and if I did a chemical scrub, I'd wait a day or so before using them. (Totally gave up on the pink one though.)


[rant]The dates for the ballet exams in March are out, but the date for my violin exam is still not out even though it's the same period!!! So annoying. I need to settle on a pianist and make sure the dates don't clash. Why is the organizer so inefficient?! Grr. [/rant]

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Review: Bourjois Mini Volume Glamour mascara in blue

Spotted these cute Bourjois minis recently. I pretty much bought the lipstick for the cute packaging and the mascara because I wanted to experiment with coloured mascara and this mini one was really affordable, less than ten bucks!

The colour in the tube looks a really nice blue, unfortunately it doesn't show up on black lashes. I expect it'd look amazing on blonde lashes! It gives a lush look and dries soft, with no clumps which makes it easy to layer. The bad thing is, it can melt and smudge under the eyes in humid weather after half a day. Still, not too bad, and really affordable!

There weren't any testers of the mini Bourjois lipstick and I just wanted it as an accessory, so I grabbed the most natural looking colour (they had colour stickers pasted on the packaging) I found. Unfortunately, the colour wasn't very similar to the sticker and I got this weird cool-toned metallic purple with glitter. Um, good for Halloween? And the glitter specks are really large and gritty, not good. No idea if the other shades are all glittery, but there weren't very many shades to choose from, they're all really strong colours.

I think the Mini Bourjois collections are really cute and the mascara is a great deal if you don't use mascara all that often (since mascara needs to be used within 3 months for hygiene), it's $9 for a small tube which is so affordable. It doesn't looks as pretty as a phone dangle though.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Review: ZA Two-way Foundation

I bought this for the amazingly pretty case which just can't seem to be captured clearly by my camera.

It was some sort of Christmas promotion - you get a free refill and heart-shaped pouch. It's still available now! The pink case doesn't look as cute huh, but it came with a pink heart pouch. My case came with a silver heart pouch.

I figured I should probably try out the ZA Two-way Foundation since practically everyone has used it before and I wanted to see what the fuss was about, especially since I read the great review from A Touch of Blusher.

I'm about a MAC NC25-30 and #22 fits me fine. I'd say it's a pretty boring wear-to-work kind of foundation because it doesn't have any shimmer and can look a little flat and dull on its own, but I wear it with shimmer sunscreen underneath or with Guerlain Meteorites over it, and it looks more 'alive'. Coverage is medium and buildable, but usually I use a brush for sheerer coverage. I find a heavy coverage looks fake and flat, and this one can get a little cakey if you build it up.

It controls oil pretty well and gives a matte finish. A blotter is all you need to keep it fresh. I can apply it really fast in the morning using my kabuki brush (above). It looks great when I use a kabuki - I use it like I would use loose powder but it gives better coverage that stays and blurs pores pretty well. I can also wear it all day and it doesn't clog my pores much, unlike the Maybelline Angelfit 2-way. My favourite thing about it is that it doesn't make my face white with flash photography. And it contains spf 15, and is really cheap!

Colour that is a little flat (no shimmer), and it may be a little too drying for people with dry skin. If you use a sponge, it can apply cakey and uneven, which is why I use a brush. I hear it applies better wet though, but what I do is I use the brush to apply dry, spray a face mist and blot the moisture off - it allows the makeup to melt into the skin and look more natural and less powdery.

I hear some make-up crazed people in my school can go through an entire 2-way cake in a month! Perhaps they do a lot of touch-ups (I hardly do as I prefer using brushes and touching-up seems unhygienic to me, the hygiene freak) and slap a lot on throughout the day. For me though, it's been a month and I've only made a little dent. I estimate that I can finish it in a little longer than 3 months if I use it every day. I used to be a liquid foundation and powder kind of person, but time constraints have made it impossible. ;_; So this for me would be a great 2-way to use in the morning before I rush off to work/school, especially in my future profession where I predict I will be extremely worn out and pressed for time. ;_;

9/10 (great budget find!)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

1st day of the last semester ever

My current favourite accessory ever - Marc Jacobs Daisy solid perfume necklace. The perfume is slightly glittery. Very tiny amount of product though. I like it cos it's big and pretty and eye-catching and if I had a long day and have to go out for dinner it makes me smell nice in a jiffy, haha!

Anyway, I had a great day back in school today!!! Met lots of old friends even though we don't have the same classes, interesting tutors, interesting groupmates... I like meeting new people, people whom I can work with. And I have a lunch and dinner buddy now on 2 out of 3 days! I dropped the elective I got since my extremely smart friend told me it's a seriously dry and unpopular thing, thank God! I actually got the same class as her and she was like so shocked. Then after I dropped it, the class had 20 vacancies and is currently in danger of being cancelled, LOL.

Ah well. My last semester in school! Feels a little bittersweet. Hopefully I can pull my GPA up. Then again, my GPA doesn't really matter anymore to me. I have found a relatively happy place. ^^ Here's to a great year ahead!!! ^^

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Review: Covermark Essence Foundation Liquid

I've been pretty much broke this holiday season cos I bought a lot of stuff... After doing some calculations I figure I can't buy much more next year because I'm saving up for my grad trip. :P

My best buy of the season must be the Covermark Essence Foundation Winter Coffret - you get an extra full-sized gloss and sample-sized loose powder with a pretty snowflake container for the same price that you usually pay for the foundation alone. I bought it cos one of my fellow interns tried it before and she loved it. And I do too, which is weird because she has dry skin and mine is oily and break-out-prone.

Anyway, the texture is a very light essence-like liquid, very blendable. It has pretty much the same feel as Ettusais Flat Liquid Foundation (which I love as well but has a greater tendency to emphasise fine lines) - one layer gives a lovely sheer wash that blurs out all imperfections. It's not enough to cover blemishes but provides a nice veil that makes you look fresher instantly. It doesn't emphasise blemishes either but just makes them less obvious. And it doesn't claim to control oil or anything but it keeps my face oil-free for longer than usual. I find you really don't need to go over with loose powder because the finish is semi-matte and very natural on its own, whereas loose powder would just ruin it and make you look made-up.


The loose powder comes in a universal shade - 2 colours, one for blue-based skin and another for yellow-based skin. Most Asians are yellow-based I guess. The bad thing is that the colour doesn't really match for all skin tones - it's not translucent, but lightly tinted with pretty good coverage sadly and can make you look too fair as a result. It's very fine though, and really helps to cover pores. And since it's a moist lucent powder, it helps retain moisture and doesn't really help control oil much.

The gloss is really lovely - a blue-toned pink with silver glimmer. I wonder what occasion I have to use it - I don't usually use lipgloss because I eat all the time. :P Sometimes I'd offer my friends food and they'd be like 'Nah, I'm wearing lipgloss' and I'd think, isn't it sad?!

Oh well. ^^ I received my Chagrin Valley package yesterday, very nice and scented! Can't wait to break into it. In other news, my skin looks like crap since I've been sleeping late recently and the worst thing is I have to take a visa photo tomorrow. Sadness!!!


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