Tuesday, January 12, 2010

1st day of the last semester ever

My current favourite accessory ever - Marc Jacobs Daisy solid perfume necklace. The perfume is slightly glittery. Very tiny amount of product though. I like it cos it's big and pretty and eye-catching and if I had a long day and have to go out for dinner it makes me smell nice in a jiffy, haha!

Anyway, I had a great day back in school today!!! Met lots of old friends even though we don't have the same classes, interesting tutors, interesting groupmates... I like meeting new people, people whom I can work with. And I have a lunch and dinner buddy now on 2 out of 3 days! I dropped the elective I got since my extremely smart friend told me it's a seriously dry and unpopular thing, thank God! I actually got the same class as her and she was like so shocked. Then after I dropped it, the class had 20 vacancies and is currently in danger of being cancelled, LOL.

Ah well. My last semester in school! Feels a little bittersweet. Hopefully I can pull my GPA up. Then again, my GPA doesn't really matter anymore to me. I have found a relatively happy place. ^^ Here's to a great year ahead!!! ^^


Kalmo said...

That Marc Jacobs perfume necklace is super pretty. Glad you had a great first day of school for your last semester. :) I'm almost done with college as well and it's so bittersweet. lol

Yumeko said...

thats so pretty
and i am glad things went well on 1st day back for you! i wish u all the best

huiyi said...

Is that necklace the one you wore for your interviews?? I think it's nice too woohoo~~!!!!!!!!


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