Sunday, January 3, 2010

Review: Covermark Essence Foundation Liquid

I've been pretty much broke this holiday season cos I bought a lot of stuff... After doing some calculations I figure I can't buy much more next year because I'm saving up for my grad trip. :P

My best buy of the season must be the Covermark Essence Foundation Winter Coffret - you get an extra full-sized gloss and sample-sized loose powder with a pretty snowflake container for the same price that you usually pay for the foundation alone. I bought it cos one of my fellow interns tried it before and she loved it. And I do too, which is weird because she has dry skin and mine is oily and break-out-prone.

Anyway, the texture is a very light essence-like liquid, very blendable. It has pretty much the same feel as Ettusais Flat Liquid Foundation (which I love as well but has a greater tendency to emphasise fine lines) - one layer gives a lovely sheer wash that blurs out all imperfections. It's not enough to cover blemishes but provides a nice veil that makes you look fresher instantly. It doesn't emphasise blemishes either but just makes them less obvious. And it doesn't claim to control oil or anything but it keeps my face oil-free for longer than usual. I find you really don't need to go over with loose powder because the finish is semi-matte and very natural on its own, whereas loose powder would just ruin it and make you look made-up.


The loose powder comes in a universal shade - 2 colours, one for blue-based skin and another for yellow-based skin. Most Asians are yellow-based I guess. The bad thing is that the colour doesn't really match for all skin tones - it's not translucent, but lightly tinted with pretty good coverage sadly and can make you look too fair as a result. It's very fine though, and really helps to cover pores. And since it's a moist lucent powder, it helps retain moisture and doesn't really help control oil much.

The gloss is really lovely - a blue-toned pink with silver glimmer. I wonder what occasion I have to use it - I don't usually use lipgloss because I eat all the time. :P Sometimes I'd offer my friends food and they'd be like 'Nah, I'm wearing lipgloss' and I'd think, isn't it sad?!

Oh well. ^^ I received my Chagrin Valley package yesterday, very nice and scented! Can't wait to break into it. In other news, my skin looks like crap since I've been sleeping late recently and the worst thing is I have to take a visa photo tomorrow. Sadness!!!


Yumeko said...

i never tried covermark before but i am beginning to notice the stores here in hong kong

Anonymous said...

Which shade do you use for the covermakr essence foundation?

feeyona said...

Hi, I use YN10.


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