Friday, March 26, 2010

Shopping Ban

I bought 2 pairs of shoes at Mitju the other day! Their slip-on wedges are really nice - I don't recommend the kitten heels or any covered shoes from them though, because they hurt. :(

I have a huge zit on my cheek so now I'm using the highly-raved 3M Acne Patches! I find they work better on zits with an open wound where the patch can absorb the pus. Inflamed whiteheads or bumps that have no opening for the yucky insides to get sucked out don't fare so well with the acne patch. I find it really expensive though! S$8 for a box or 36 patches which vary in size - I find the tiniest patches not much use. :P

Rating: 8/10

As you can tell from the title of my post, I'm officially on a shopping ban until the end of April. I'm the kind of person who buys loads of stuff when I'm stressed or annoyed, and recently I've been a little too much of both. I don't generally post haul photos because I like to post reviews systematically and I don't use the items from my hauls immediately, but seriously, way too much stuff. ;_; I'm definitely trying to finish up my current stash of stuff first - it annoys me when I can't throw away those bottles etc on my table when there's only a little bit of product left. :P Look forward to reviews of the stuff I used up! ^^

Monday, March 22, 2010

US Goodies + Nuteen Review

My sister came back from the States and got me all this stuff! The pink and navy blue pouches, and the pink brush barrel (with 4 brushes) are GWPs from Estee Lauder - and she actually got 2 of them! (There's the eye cream, mascara and free lipsticks as well which aren't pictured.)

Apparently the minimum spend for GWPs is really low in the US (about 45USD or SGD according to my sis) and my sister gets multiple gifts all the time. The last time she bought Clinique (which is more budget and thus has a lower minimum spend), she got 5 huge sets of free gifts!! Haha, can you say awesome? It's so much better as compared to Singapore - I think Estee Lauder's minimum spend for the same GWP would be about SGD160! Crazy. So now I am totally saving up to spend in the US!

I'm really happy my sis got me a bundle of grapefruit and pomegranate soap - I freaking love grapefruit! And she must have noticed my incredible stash of soaps in the bathroom, hehe. When she took out my present (while I wasn't at home), my younger sister immediately knew it was for me. Lol.

I got this brush in the brush set - does anyone know what it is? My guess is either an eyeliner brush or a pencil brush for the outer V.

Moving on, my skin has been really horrible lately. It's deadline season and I have presentations with my violin exam next week on 3 consecutive days! Cue stress. :P Also I've been banging on the piano, practising violin and typing furiously on my laptop (bad ergonomics), which caused wrist tendonitis - I had to get this expensive wrist guard because I don't want to have a weak bowing wrist during my violin exam. So anyway the point is, my skin is horrible right now. Horrible. ;_;

Review: Nuteen Acne Away Gel
This is yet another one of the samples in my collection. (I have tonnes of sample satchets in a little pouch, hehe. Trying to use up my junk.) It contains Thanakha which is supposedly a popular skincare ingredient in Myanmar.
This is quite moisturizing, surprisingly! Good for dry-skinned peeps. It has a very strong fragrance which I don't really like - way too strong for me, though it smells quite pleasant. I don't understand why the fragrance is required. Anyway, I used it for a couple of days, but it doesn't give fast results on my zits. Plus I noticed that it contains mineral oil! (Of course, high-grade mineral oil is supposed to be fine for skin, but I'm still wary when it appears in the ingredients list.)

I will not give a rating for this because I don't think it is fair to rate sample products without a sufficient timeframe for testing, but overall, I didn't think it worked, though if you have dry skin and don't want acne treatments that cause peeling skin, you might want to give it a try!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Review: Taiwan Yes Deep Ocean Water Oil Cut Acne Free Essence

Recently I've been having breakouts due to lack of sleep and stress. I used a heavy duty Pan Oxyl 10% Benzoyl Peroxide Gel on my bumps, but it ended up making my skin really really dry! It's not effective on inflamed whiteheads (which is what I have), instead it's more suitable for zits that hormonal teenagers get, but not for me because I've outgrown that stage. :P I remembered this sample I got from Taiwan and decided to use it since I doubt I will get zits often (hopefully not!)

It is a thick gel and you're supposed to put it on problem areas (not the whole face). I used this satchet for about 4 times only but it's enough for me to get a fantastic impression of the product! I like it because it heals my zits quickly without drying, and the non-greasy texture is a delight, as compared to other creamy (and to me, slightly greasy) acne treatments like Neutrogena On-the-Spot Acne Treatment or Oxy.

The gel also contains hyaluronic acid which, I think, makes a big difference! I feel that sometimes you have to use a gentle approach to stubborn zits, you know? Sometimes treatments that are too strong will aggravate your skin further, but I think this gel strikes a perfect balance.

I don't know what other ingredients are in it, but it really works! I have no idea how much it costs, or where it is stocked in Taiwan, but I have seen it advertised in Queen (Nu Ren Wo Zui Da) magazine. The interesting thing about it is the company - Taiwan Yes is a deep ocean water company and they really do draw water from the ocean and stuff like that. So they're not just some fluffy cosmetics company. They have other skincare products listed, and while the packaging looks a little dodgy, I would love to try them out if I ever visit Taiwan again in the future!

Potential HG. (:

Monday, March 15, 2010

2009 Raves and Regrets

Haha, I know it's already March '10 but these are things I bought in '09 and I'm a little anal about the titles of my posts because I want them categorized neatly, so this is my tiny list of 2009 raves and regrets! It's a small list off the top of my head because I just recently finished using them.
Rave: The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Blemish Fade Night Lotion
This is an awesome awesome moisturizer that really helps to calm my skin without any stinging whatsoever! It's a light green gel-lotion, kind of sticky and concentrated, so I find I need to use a lot of product. So it's kind of expensive because I use it up really quickly, but so worth it! I think it's really sad for dry-skinned girls who get blemishes because most anti-blemish products on the market are so drying, but the great thing about the night lotion is that it's quite moisturizing, doesn't dry out my skin at all and soothes my skin so that my pores are smaller, zits decreased, and I wake up with this smoothness which is quite amazing. HG!

It's a night lotion, so I usually use it at night, but I find it can be used in the day with no issues, however the stickiness might feel weird. It controls oil slightly, and sunscreen or foundation etc can be layered easily over it.
Rave: Fancl Cleartune Oil Control Powder
I use this every day with a big brush, over my t-zone before loose powder. It has the most amazing oil control ever. Comprehensive review here. Quite expensive since they don't sell refills, but still HG!

Regret: The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Boost
I read so many reviews on this so I was very excited about trying it, but unfortunately, after TWO expensive bottles of the stuff, there is no noticeable difference on my skin. :( The Skin Boost should be used like a serum because it has no moisturizing abilities whatsoever and makes my skin dry and itchy when used alone. It has a silicon-gel texture, kind of powdery which makes it slightly difficult to layer other products over it because it rubs off. The one good thing about it is that it smells divine!!! Like grapefruits, citrusy and refreshing.

I know the high silicone content in it will scare people off, but Vitamin C is very unstable and silicone is an excellent medium to keep it stable and active. Therefore I have no complaints about that aspect, but the fact remains that I didn't notice any improvements. :(

L-R: Vitamin C Eye Reviver, Vitamin C Skin Boost

Regret: The Body Shop Vitamin C Eye Reviver
The Vitamin C in this is supposed to lighten dark circles, but I didn't notice any effects. Plus, I found this insufficient in moisturizing and it did absolutely nothing for fine lines. The only thing going for it is the pump bottle which I like for the hygiene factor.


I feel quite depressed writing bad reviews about products that didn't work for me, because I'll think of all that money that went down the drain! Then again, I hope it'll help others and prevent you guys from wasting $! Of course, it's just my opinion, there are probably many others who loved what I hated - the incredibly popular Skin Boost is an example.

In other news - I watched Nodame Cantabile the movie last week!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!! I love movies/dramas about orchestras like Beethoven's Virus and Nodame because it makes me want to cry when I see them depict regular people with regular jobs who persist with practising late at night because they love music so much. ;_; I can't imagine how I'm going to continue practice when I'm working, but I will, I will!

Oh well, I'm off to school now... So many things to do - somehow I feel that my honours are unattainable because I can't seem to find the motivation and anyway I've already found a job, but that is a negative way of thinking and I need to get it going!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Body Shop Warehouse Sale 2010

I went to The Body Shop warehouse sale early this morning - a super good start to the day! ^^ There were tonnes of people even though the first hour in the morning was for card members only - craziness! Not many particularly good deals but I spotted people with so much stuff in their bags! I think they're buying gifts early for the office Christmas exchange which is crazy. :P I chatted with the woman in line before me, she bought this empty gift box for $2 only, it's really good for packaging gifts I think, but I have lots of wrapping paper and boxes at home already so I didn't get them.

This entire haul cost me $120+ only! I got a free gift (for first 500 customers who spend above $65) which was the Spa Wisdom Morocco Argan Oil and Orange Blossom Body Souffle (50ml), the scent is a little too heavy for me but I heard good things about argan oil so I'll be looking forward to trying it!

I bought the masks for $16.90 per tub, Nature's Minerals blotting tissues ($5 for 2), lip balms ($10 for 2), eye definers ($10 for 2, and the Hot Brights eyeliner is $9.90 each), Vit E lip balm stick for my mum ($5.90), grapefruit shower gels cos I love grapefruit scents ($14.90 for 2), a body butter trio set ($12.90) and lastly, the new (old) passionfruit facial cleansing gel which I've read so many reviews of ($12.90)!

I'm very excited about trying the passionfruit gel, and breaking in all the coloured eyeliners! The regular eye definers are a great deal - 2 for $10, imagine that!!! (: Available in crazy colours like auburn, emerald and bright blue, although there was steel grey as well - no browns or blacks. Other good deals - 2 types of palettes for $19.90 each, consisting of 1 blush and 4 eyeshadow colours. I was looking forward to shimmer cubes but there was only one shade (Palette 18).

Things I wanted to get but weren't on sale - tea tree blemish fade night lotion (amazing stuff) and chamomile makeup remover. :(

The sale is on till 13 March at Suntec Convention Centre, Gallery West Level 3!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ed Pinaud Eyeshadow Palette!

On Friday I had to pop to town to sign some papers for my trip, so after that I popped by Kinokuniya and got the L'officiel magazine that came with the free Ed Pinaud eyeshadow palette! The first palette I got was #02 Emerald... Then on my way home, I saw copies of L'officiel at the Buzz kiosk at the bus interchange so I got another copy and got #06 Violet, which is full of lavender-toned pinks which I'm not too crazy about. This morning I got another copy from the kiosk but I got #06 again. -_-U I feel like I'm gambling hahaha! I need to swap it with somebody!
This is what I bought from the drugstore on my way home - Nexcare facial cleansing cloth. I've been using it for a couple of days, hopefully it will save my skin which is really cranky right now due to tonnes of stress stress stress!!! I will be so incredibly busy from now till end of March. :(

Hope everyone had a great weekend. (:

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Swatches: BB Creams!

Finally, I got around to posting a photo of all the swatches of my entire BB cream collection - I'm posting this so that I might be motivated to do reviews on them. :P

Top Row, L-R:
Gowoonsesang Brightening Balm SPF30 PA++
Etude House Goodbye Trouble BB Magic Cream (Moist) SPF30 PA++
Etude House Goodbye Trouble BB Magic Cream (Refreshing)
Innisfree Trouble Care BB, SPF27 PA++
Coogi Flowertox 3 Action Super BB Cream, SPF 25 PA++
Missha Watery, SPF27 PA++
The Face Shop Quick and Clean

Bottom Row, L-R:
Skin Food Aloe Sun BB Cream SPF20 PA++, Shade #1 Light
Skin Food Aloe Sun BB Cream SPF20 PA++, Shade #2 Natural
Scandal Magic BB Cream
Dr Jart Black Label SPF25 PA++
Dr Jart Silver Label SPF35 PA++

According to my judgement, they can be categorized into peach/pink undertones, greyish undertones and yellow undertones. (I'm always looking for yellow undertones but they're quite rare - even if they're slightly yellow, they have the tendency to be orangey, like the Etude House BB Magic moist - you'll notice the base is orangey because it oxidized as it dried.)

Peach - Skinfood Aloe Sun #2, Innisfree Trouble Care, Coogi Flowertox, Missha Watery, Dr Jart Black Label
Grey - Gowoonsesang, The Face Shop Quick&Clean, Scandal Magic
Yellow - Etude House BB Magic (both), Skinfood Aloe Sun #1, Dr Jart Silver Label

I really like the undertone of Dr Jart Silver Label, I find it really suitable for yellow-toned Asian skin, but it's too light on me. :(

I'll be posting reviews of one tube every week - look out for them. ;)


That aside, I really need to rant about something - I've been doing this online simulation game whereby we make decisions on our business strategy as a group, and get results every week. I was so confident of our decisions this week and was so excited about seeing profits profits profits, but when I looked at the results, I was shocked! It appears that one girl in our group changed the decisions at the very last minute without consulting any of us, and she was very ill-informed, hence the horrible results. I feel so... betrayed. Is that the correct word? Oh well. We'll see how it goes. :'(

Monday, March 1, 2010

Tibi Spring 2010 eyeshadow is amazing + Review of TBS Divide & Multiply Mascara

Psst, my giveaway is still on, please join if you haven't!
I've been seeing this photo in almost all the recent issues of my magazines! I absolutely love the combination of hot pink and lime green - makes me think of a flower! I have always loved matte bold colours as well, they look a bit more unique and artsy than the usual glimmery, glittery or pearly colours. So I tried to recreate it... (was going to wear it out on Friday but it was cancelled due to a last-minute other commitment... oh well...)

I am mad proud of the liquid liner because I did it all in one stroke on my left eye with my right hand!!! And I've only ever used liquid liner a couple of times. Haha!

I used the hot pink raspberry blush as eyeshadow from Bobbi Brown Raspberry Face Palette and green shade from Silkygirl eyeshadow duo (slightly shimmery). I didn't do any yellow cos I don't own any, sadly. The look is supposed to be from the Bobbi Brown Brights collection, though the lime green and hot pink look like the ones from MAC Lillyland Pearlmatte eyeshadow! (They're not fully matte though.)

Other stuff used include K-palette eyeliner, Koji eyelash curler and Body Shop's Divide & Multiply Mascara. And since I have photos ready, let me do a review on the mascara. :P

The Body Shop Divide & Multiply Mascara
This mascara was another GWP - I never would have bought a TBS mascara since they're not known for making good mascaras. It's supposed to give defined lashes and it does! The brush is awesome - it separates lashes beautifully. It's such a great brush, I'll be washing it and using it as a lash comb when I finish the tube. Other than that, it was quite disappointing. It doesn't hold a curl and smudges on me - especially since my lashes will go flat which makes it smudge even more easily. :( A good everyday mascara for people with fine lashes that have natural curl - bad for people with thick, weighted lashes.

Rating: 6/10


I've been mad busy even though this coming week is recess week - tonnes of projects, assignments, deadlines, plus ballet and violin exams all in March. :( I'm quite excited about a particular project I'm doing on Eu Yan Sang though, I do think I picked the right company - there's abundant information on it and prospects look good, the annual report etc are really easy to read as well! (Or maybe I've just grown a bit less clueless as compared to freshman year... haha...)

To end off, here's a picture of a birthday cake, I love birthday cake photos. (:


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