Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Body Shop Warehouse Sale 2010

I went to The Body Shop warehouse sale early this morning - a super good start to the day! ^^ There were tonnes of people even though the first hour in the morning was for card members only - craziness! Not many particularly good deals but I spotted people with so much stuff in their bags! I think they're buying gifts early for the office Christmas exchange which is crazy. :P I chatted with the woman in line before me, she bought this empty gift box for $2 only, it's really good for packaging gifts I think, but I have lots of wrapping paper and boxes at home already so I didn't get them.

This entire haul cost me $120+ only! I got a free gift (for first 500 customers who spend above $65) which was the Spa Wisdom Morocco Argan Oil and Orange Blossom Body Souffle (50ml), the scent is a little too heavy for me but I heard good things about argan oil so I'll be looking forward to trying it!

I bought the masks for $16.90 per tub, Nature's Minerals blotting tissues ($5 for 2), lip balms ($10 for 2), eye definers ($10 for 2, and the Hot Brights eyeliner is $9.90 each), Vit E lip balm stick for my mum ($5.90), grapefruit shower gels cos I love grapefruit scents ($14.90 for 2), a body butter trio set ($12.90) and lastly, the new (old) passionfruit facial cleansing gel which I've read so many reviews of ($12.90)!

I'm very excited about trying the passionfruit gel, and breaking in all the coloured eyeliners! The regular eye definers are a great deal - 2 for $10, imagine that!!! (: Available in crazy colours like auburn, emerald and bright blue, although there was steel grey as well - no browns or blacks. Other good deals - 2 types of palettes for $19.90 each, consisting of 1 blush and 4 eyeshadow colours. I was looking forward to shimmer cubes but there was only one shade (Palette 18).

Things I wanted to get but weren't on sale - tea tree blemish fade night lotion (amazing stuff) and chamomile makeup remover. :(

The sale is on till 13 March at Suntec Convention Centre, Gallery West Level 3!


Susie said...

Wow, that's a good deal!

Anonymous said...

wow lucky you! I wouldnt mind getting their body cremes..:D

The Teenage Reviewer said...

OMG I WISH THEY HAD THOSE IN MALAYSIA! O.o would love to get their body butters....shower gels...body mists... *goes on and on*

Anonymous said...

I also had been for the sale on the first day, but thought last yr's sale was far better...they were selling stuff even cheaper!

Geli said...

awwww i'm so jealous ~ :P

i wish we had those here in the philippines (or maybe there are and i don't know of them :P)

loving your blog. will follow :)



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