Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ed Pinaud Eyeshadow Palette!

On Friday I had to pop to town to sign some papers for my trip, so after that I popped by Kinokuniya and got the L'officiel magazine that came with the free Ed Pinaud eyeshadow palette! The first palette I got was #02 Emerald... Then on my way home, I saw copies of L'officiel at the Buzz kiosk at the bus interchange so I got another copy and got #06 Violet, which is full of lavender-toned pinks which I'm not too crazy about. This morning I got another copy from the kiosk but I got #06 again. -_-U I feel like I'm gambling hahaha! I need to swap it with somebody!
This is what I bought from the drugstore on my way home - Nexcare facial cleansing cloth. I've been using it for a couple of days, hopefully it will save my skin which is really cranky right now due to tonnes of stress stress stress!!! I will be so incredibly busy from now till end of March. :(

Hope everyone had a great weekend. (:


Anonymous said...

pretty palettes!! You need to fotd/eotd with them :D

yeah I agree Rinka looks too white there... airbrushing me thinks! lol

Sarah♥ said...

these palettes looks great

Anonymous said...

nice blog nice lady ;))

Susie said...

Ooo I really like the emerald one!

Yumeko said...

ah i kept getting 04 hahaha


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