Thursday, March 4, 2010

Swatches: BB Creams!

Finally, I got around to posting a photo of all the swatches of my entire BB cream collection - I'm posting this so that I might be motivated to do reviews on them. :P

Top Row, L-R:
Gowoonsesang Brightening Balm SPF30 PA++
Etude House Goodbye Trouble BB Magic Cream (Moist) SPF30 PA++
Etude House Goodbye Trouble BB Magic Cream (Refreshing)
Innisfree Trouble Care BB, SPF27 PA++
Coogi Flowertox 3 Action Super BB Cream, SPF 25 PA++
Missha Watery, SPF27 PA++
The Face Shop Quick and Clean

Bottom Row, L-R:
Skin Food Aloe Sun BB Cream SPF20 PA++, Shade #1 Light
Skin Food Aloe Sun BB Cream SPF20 PA++, Shade #2 Natural
Scandal Magic BB Cream
Dr Jart Black Label SPF25 PA++
Dr Jart Silver Label SPF35 PA++

According to my judgement, they can be categorized into peach/pink undertones, greyish undertones and yellow undertones. (I'm always looking for yellow undertones but they're quite rare - even if they're slightly yellow, they have the tendency to be orangey, like the Etude House BB Magic moist - you'll notice the base is orangey because it oxidized as it dried.)

Peach - Skinfood Aloe Sun #2, Innisfree Trouble Care, Coogi Flowertox, Missha Watery, Dr Jart Black Label
Grey - Gowoonsesang, The Face Shop Quick&Clean, Scandal Magic
Yellow - Etude House BB Magic (both), Skinfood Aloe Sun #1, Dr Jart Silver Label

I really like the undertone of Dr Jart Silver Label, I find it really suitable for yellow-toned Asian skin, but it's too light on me. :(

I'll be posting reviews of one tube every week - look out for them. ;)


That aside, I really need to rant about something - I've been doing this online simulation game whereby we make decisions on our business strategy as a group, and get results every week. I was so confident of our decisions this week and was so excited about seeing profits profits profits, but when I looked at the results, I was shocked! It appears that one girl in our group changed the decisions at the very last minute without consulting any of us, and she was very ill-informed, hence the horrible results. I feel so... betrayed. Is that the correct word? Oh well. We'll see how it goes. :'(


Anonymous said...

wow you have so MANY bb creams... oh i just saw a heroine make bb cream.. now the japanese are really getting into it.. thank you for the swatches.. but i do love my tinted moisturizer tho.

graci3 said...

it'd be great if you could review your diff bb creams! which one is your fav?


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