Monday, March 1, 2010

Tibi Spring 2010 eyeshadow is amazing + Review of TBS Divide & Multiply Mascara

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I've been seeing this photo in almost all the recent issues of my magazines! I absolutely love the combination of hot pink and lime green - makes me think of a flower! I have always loved matte bold colours as well, they look a bit more unique and artsy than the usual glimmery, glittery or pearly colours. So I tried to recreate it... (was going to wear it out on Friday but it was cancelled due to a last-minute other commitment... oh well...)

I am mad proud of the liquid liner because I did it all in one stroke on my left eye with my right hand!!! And I've only ever used liquid liner a couple of times. Haha!

I used the hot pink raspberry blush as eyeshadow from Bobbi Brown Raspberry Face Palette and green shade from Silkygirl eyeshadow duo (slightly shimmery). I didn't do any yellow cos I don't own any, sadly. The look is supposed to be from the Bobbi Brown Brights collection, though the lime green and hot pink look like the ones from MAC Lillyland Pearlmatte eyeshadow! (They're not fully matte though.)

Other stuff used include K-palette eyeliner, Koji eyelash curler and Body Shop's Divide & Multiply Mascara. And since I have photos ready, let me do a review on the mascara. :P

The Body Shop Divide & Multiply Mascara
This mascara was another GWP - I never would have bought a TBS mascara since they're not known for making good mascaras. It's supposed to give defined lashes and it does! The brush is awesome - it separates lashes beautifully. It's such a great brush, I'll be washing it and using it as a lash comb when I finish the tube. Other than that, it was quite disappointing. It doesn't hold a curl and smudges on me - especially since my lashes will go flat which makes it smudge even more easily. :( A good everyday mascara for people with fine lashes that have natural curl - bad for people with thick, weighted lashes.

Rating: 6/10


I've been mad busy even though this coming week is recess week - tonnes of projects, assignments, deadlines, plus ballet and violin exams all in March. :( I'm quite excited about a particular project I'm doing on Eu Yan Sang though, I do think I picked the right company - there's abundant information on it and prospects look good, the annual report etc are really easy to read as well! (Or maybe I've just grown a bit less clueless as compared to freshman year... haha...)

To end off, here's a picture of a birthday cake, I love birthday cake photos. (:


anna. said...

Wow that's such a cute look! Love it! It reminds me of spring.. which I really want right now hahas.

Susie said...

The green definitely gives you a pop of color (: I like it. The cake looks delicious too! Hahhaa.

The Teenage Reviewer said...

EEP! GREEEN!! *huggles* Love the colour combinations. Though I dislike pink to an extent, I have to admit the irony of pink going good with green *sigh*

Mm I like the look! I love the way you think girl! Blusher as an eyeshadow is something worth the thought! Saves money and I guess they're all powder anyway huh?XD

I can't draw a straight line with my right hand on my right eye! For some reason...everything on the left side of my face seems better =.= Nonono...everything on my LEFT seems better! O.o

Anonymous said...

I love this look! Spot on with colours on the model`s eyes I have to say :)

thank you for your kind msg, and comment on Tabaimo!! I was going to see the exhibition on Friday but then I found out the sad news and I couldn`t bring myself to go so the tickets ended up as a waste cos we dont have time and it runs out on 3rd :(

Anonymous said...


Jyoan said...

Yes, these split look (skittle eyes) is really hot now. Just do them contrasting, but not with too heavy colour. I love them too. I love love colourful makeup. =)

And thanks for the Divide and Multiply review! I almost rushed to get them after seeing another blogger saying it's her HG.


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