Wednesday, May 26, 2010

USA 4th week

In front of our apartment...
I bought a used car for $128.99 + tax...
Nah just kidding.
Taco night on Friday... 50 cents tacos... the soft ones are like $1.79 though.

I like Arby's, they make good roast beef sandwiches plus the jamocha shakes rock.

I rode the Maverick on employee ride night...

Soup at Olive Garden...

Dollar Tree purchases...
Baskin Robbins, $1 per scoop on Tuesday nights! I had 2 scoops... this is caramel praline cheesecake.

Fudge brownie.

Anyway for some weird reason I keep looking at Miley Cyrus stuff at Walmart... it's Miley Cyrus for Max Azria and I'll be looking at something and then I'll look at the tag and it's Miley Cyrus... OMG.

And random guy from Dollar Tree thought I was from Japan. Yea I am. HAHA.

And random girl thought my tshirt was nice. And my cool umbrella's a little spoilt and my cool pink lunchbox got stuck together because I microwaved it with the lid on. Does anyone know how to get the lunchbox unstuck? It sucks. It was expensive.

Till next time,

Saturday, May 22, 2010

USA 3rd week

I'm working at Cedar Point... go google it... the admission is crazy and the food is marked up like 500%...

Su and I
Jia and I
This is a dryer for you to blow yourself dry after taking wet rides... USD5 a go... crazy

Colourful drinks at TGIF
A darn good Paula Deen gooey butter cake from Walmart for USD3. Freaking sweet but so buttery and good! Some of the cookies I bought looked good but didn't taste that great.

My DKNY watch stopped even though I'd only recently gotten it repaired... I think someone dropped it. So I went to TJMaxx and got this Skagen for like USD53... it came with 3 interchangeable straps... one metal, one black, one white... I didn't wanna get a cheap watch just to throw away... My friends were appalled by the way I dropped the cash so quickly though... I do like it.

By the way, BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I TOOK MY FIRST HUGE ROLLER COASTER RIDE at employee ride night yesterday!!! Free hotdogs and soda, and I rode the Maverick next to Jia!!! And we heard the Maverick is like 5/5 difficulty (but of course it can't compare to Dragster). Go google it. My eyes were like shut the whole way and I screamed so much I got a sore throat today, but I felt so high after that OMG. Woohoo!!!!!!!!

Ok ciao darlings. Till next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

USA 2nd week

The usual amount of clothes I wear at 5 degrees celcius. 4 layers on top. I have like 3 hoodies you can see behind me!
Free dinner at TGIF.
Spongebob and me.

Cedar Point! Power Tower.
And this is the bag I bought for Xin.
And this is the stuff I bought at Target!!! So many lipbalms, my friend thought I was crazy. Bought the Boots Botanics mask I heard much about from Yumeko's blog, will be back for more! I bought like 3 of the same grapefruit deodorant, now everyone knows my grapefruit obsession. See you next time when the Internet is less cranky!


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