Thursday, May 6, 2010


Dandelions are plentiful here! So preffy!
Blue skies...
Weird hanging traffic lights.
We bought loads of food! So cheap! Haagen Daaz, 4 tubs for USD10 which is so cheap!!! We eat one every day.

Our first pizza buffet - self serve, no tips. We were worried about tipping lol.

This is me in the restroom lol.
We cooked. I'm honestly still pissed off that DM put wine (that was too sweet) in the broccoli and made it taste like fizz pop broccoli
That;s me 2nd from left.
Regular beauty related posts coming up soon! The connection is bad, my apologies.


Susie said...

Looks fun! =) Is that at Cici's Pizza!?

huiyi said...

hey!!! hope you're having a blast there!!! post more photos here and on facebook to make me super envious of you~~!!! =P

feeyona said...

susie: yep it's cici's pizza!

huiyi: haha hopefully! the internet here sucks and we have no time boo!!!


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