Saturday, May 15, 2010

USA 2nd week

The usual amount of clothes I wear at 5 degrees celcius. 4 layers on top. I have like 3 hoodies you can see behind me!
Free dinner at TGIF.
Spongebob and me.

Cedar Point! Power Tower.
And this is the bag I bought for Xin.
And this is the stuff I bought at Target!!! So many lipbalms, my friend thought I was crazy. Bought the Boots Botanics mask I heard much about from Yumeko's blog, will be back for more! I bought like 3 of the same grapefruit deodorant, now everyone knows my grapefruit obsession. See you next time when the Internet is less cranky!


Kalmo said...


You look so adorable and cheerful in all these pictures. Great haul, I love the Neutrogenea Triple Moisture stuff. I had no idea you were visiting the U.S., where are you traveling around? :) You don't have to tell me if you don't want to haha so nosey. Have fun in the U.S.!

feeyona said...

hey! i'm working at cedar point in OH, but will be travelling to places like new york, san fran, la... (: you stay near san fran don't you? any nice places to recommend? ;)


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