Saturday, May 22, 2010

USA 3rd week

I'm working at Cedar Point... go google it... the admission is crazy and the food is marked up like 500%...

Su and I
Jia and I
This is a dryer for you to blow yourself dry after taking wet rides... USD5 a go... crazy

Colourful drinks at TGIF
A darn good Paula Deen gooey butter cake from Walmart for USD3. Freaking sweet but so buttery and good! Some of the cookies I bought looked good but didn't taste that great.

My DKNY watch stopped even though I'd only recently gotten it repaired... I think someone dropped it. So I went to TJMaxx and got this Skagen for like USD53... it came with 3 interchangeable straps... one metal, one black, one white... I didn't wanna get a cheap watch just to throw away... My friends were appalled by the way I dropped the cash so quickly though... I do like it.

By the way, BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I TOOK MY FIRST HUGE ROLLER COASTER RIDE at employee ride night yesterday!!! Free hotdogs and soda, and I rode the Maverick next to Jia!!! And we heard the Maverick is like 5/5 difficulty (but of course it can't compare to Dragster). Go google it. My eyes were like shut the whole way and I screamed so much I got a sore throat today, but I felt so high after that OMG. Woohoo!!!!!!!!

Ok ciao darlings. Till next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Kalmo said...

Aw it looks like you're having lots of fun in the U.S.! You look really cute and happy in all the pictures. :)

Your watch is rally nice! Congratulations on riding your first roller coaster. I'm so scared of them and hate riding big ones.

If you're in SF then I suggest shopping in the Powell Bart street area, so many nice stores and a really big mall. You should try to visit Golden Gate Park too, lots of gardens and museums.


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