Sunday, September 19, 2010

Review: Springheart Long & Curl Mascara

I came across Springheart at Japanese cosmetics sections in Watson's a while ago - they have a range of eyeliner pencils and 2 mascaras, one for volume and one for length, pretty standard stuff. They're also really affordable, at about $10 each. (Can't remember exactly) The packaging is also really cute and sparkly! See -

Pros: It has fibres for lengthening and squalane and panthenol to keep your lashes soft, so it's a rather moisturizing formula, unlike other mascaras which are kinda dry in consistency. And I love how the tube is wider at the top and bottom, which makes it more stable so I can put it standing up on my desk, and the wider top makes it effortless to unscrew the cap. (Physics!) It's a personal preference I guess. I like the brush - it's not too large and separates nicely. The formula is great at lengthening and very, very lasting.

Cons: While it does lengthen nicely, it doesn't hold a curl very well, so that my lashes go flat after a couple of hours and when I blink, the mascara smudges underneath my eyes. It's also pretty difficult to remove, even with my Fasio eye makeup remover (which is known to be good at removing seriously budge-proof Fasio mascaras). It is easily removed only with cleansing oil (I use Fancl).

Verdict: The price is right and it's a nice everyday mascara to have. Just keep an eyelash curler handy. (Though it's really not good to curl your lashes after they've been mascara-ed because your lashes may drop out) Oh, and a good cleansing oil.

Rating: 8/10


So anyway, the other day I went to Square 2 at Novena and finally tried Gong Tea! It's really really good!!!!!! You have to try the House Specials - they're special because of the layer of milk foam on top. It tastes salty.

I had the Gong Cha Milk Alisan Tea with 80% sugar. (It's less sweet than Koi, so 80% sugar was good!) Gong Cha's Alisan Tea is seriously fragrant - good stuff. It reminds me of a green tea we have at home from Japan. I googled Alisan tea, and I think it's a green oolong.

Mix it up and you get frothy yummy goodness!!! It's really filling though, because of all the cream. I bet it's super fattening too.

You're supposed to first drink some of the frothy milk layer, then stick your straw in and drink the tea part only, then mix it all up and finish it!

Banchan and Dolsot Bibimbap from Seoul Yummy.

Clarke Quay at night with all the lanterns and stuff for Mid Autumn festival.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Review: Origins Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Eye Serum

I got a sample of this Origins Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Eye Serum a while ago and have been using it twice daily for a month. It's only 5ml but it lasts a long time! The full size is 15ml, comes in a pump bottle and is really pricy at 45 USD.

It's a lightweight fluid creamy serum which absorbs easily and is very moisturizing without the greasiness of some other eye creams. It does brighten and tighten, but doesn't do much for fine lines. It's pretty good if you're in the under-30 age group, but if you're older, you want stronger stuff.

Really pricy, I wouldn't buy it if it was free. And it has come bad reviews online, mostly people who suffered sensitivity problems with symptoms like red itchy skin or watery eyes.

A good basic eye cream, but on the pricey side. Worth a try. Do get a sample before committing to avoid sensitivity issues.

Rating: 7/10


Sorry I've been gone for weeks, I was repairing my laptop, etc etc. I hate doing tech stuff and I'd been procrastinating with backing up my hard drive and stuff.
Anyway here are some food pictures from Kuala Lumpur! The shopping was ok - you can find cheap, lower quality clothes for young people, but the high quality labels are more expensive than in Singapore or the US. The watch I bought for 100 bucks in the US, cost 200 bucks in KL. Crazy.

Secret Recipe white chocolate macademia cake

The indoor coaster at Times Square

Fish head noodle soup

Unagi with onsen tamago, matcha latte

I went to Chinatown's Tak Po for dimsum. My friend highly recommended it. It's affordable because the portions are huge. Not as great as I expected though. The yam puff isn't that great, but I like the egg tart. I want to try the mango thingy and congee next, they're supposed to be good, but I was stuffed and the mango thingy is only available on weekends.

Siew Mai

Prawn fritters? I forgot

Egg tarts!

Har Gow

Carrot Cake

Yam Puffs

This is lunch at Megabites at NUS and brownies from Munchy Monkey or something like that. The portions are huge and I was stuffed, and I found it so amusing that the brownie look the same as the photo on the menu, because usually the photos on menus look nicer. I have to say though, this is nothing compared to NTU food.

And lastly, Daim cake and a sparkling pear 'cider' from IKEA. The pear drink was good! And I like the Daim cake except I was too stuffed to enjoy it.

I'm so sad that the Youth Olympics are over. I wanted to watch the gymnastics live but obviously I didn't manage to. I did, however, go to a restaurant (which was presumably one of the sponsors) that gave away cute Merly and Lyo wet napkins!

Till next time!


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