Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fancl Voyager Christmas Collectibles and more food!

Last weekend I stocked up on my base make-up from Fancl because they were 10% off, and I got their Voyager tumbler, lunch bag and calendar!

260ml capacity as compared to Starbucks

I like how the lunchbag has a holder to keep the tumbler upright because such tumblers always tumble over in my bag and leak.

The calendar has a weird format though. It's not tabled, instead it has lines for every day. Not very good for people who like to write lots of stuff or check their schedule quickly at a glance. And I hate how they have product pictures every month; it makes me wanna buy more stuff. ;_;

Dinner at the Handburger at 313 Somerset last week. It's not a very conducive place for a date so it's best to go with friends because it has canteen style benches and everyone's too close for comfort.

Chilled stuffed tomato. Looks crappy but delish!!!

The works burger - it has the crispiest bacon and onion rings I've ever had!!! Omg. And runny egg yolk. Yums!

Duck confit burger. Quite interesting. It has raw dou miao (pea shoots) which I don't quite appreciate. :P The mandarin orange sauce is nice though.

Oh God the Christmas sales are upon us and I hear Chrismassy songs everywhere!!! I don't feel like working and I feel like spending a hole in my wallet. ;_; Falalala! Which reminds me - I'd better start sending out Xmas cards soon especially to my friends overseas!!! Till next time ;)


Kalmo said...

Oh Fancl! I never tried the brand but I didn't know they made stuff other than makeup. Cute tumbler and lunch bag. :)

I just about died at the your hamburger description, crispy bacon and runny egg?!?! That sounds heavenly. Wah so hungry. Yes, Christmas sales might eat up my wallet but I also want to save to visit friends overseas, mainly in Taiwan. :)

Thank you so much for your comment on my last post regarding my family, it meant a lot. You have great advice about never stop trying to me nice to each other, it's not good to hold grudges. I did try to talk to my sister after but she was less than kind, basically calling me a failure for taking one semester break from school and not graduating on time. I had taken 3 years of uni, with no summer breaks (took summer class, decided to take one semester off) and she throws it in my face. Booo to her haha.

MatryoshkaDoll said...

Wow, that burger looks amazing!!


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