Sunday, February 13, 2011

FOTD: Momobella and Undercurrent

I've actually worn variations this look a couple of times, I like how beachy it looks because of turqoise-y eyeliner and coral blush. For this look, I'm using MAC Pearlglide in Undercurrent and Tokidoki blush in Momobella (from the Robbery palette).

Undercurrent is a seriously gorgeous seafoam-turqoise mix. Glittery and intense! Love it to pieces. It stays on my eyelid all day without a primer (which is quite a feat). But - it doesn't stay on my waterline at all. It's glittery which makes it unsafe for waterline use anyway, so. :(

And now, moving on to my absolute love - Momobella blush from Tokidoki's Robbery Palette. It's my ultimate favourite item of all time - I could repurchase the entire palette right now just to get a back-up of the blush. Seriously. It's one of those NARS-Orgasmism-ish colours, seriously gorgeous and natural and glowy! I can't capture the exact colour with my camera, so here you get 4 photos to judge. (First photo's most accurate, the others are more washed out but then you can see the peachy undertones and gold glitter.)

It's a mix of peachy and pinky, perfect natural colour with subtle gold glimmer that gives cheeks this super amazing glow. The glow is very natural, elegant and... expensive looking. You know some blushes look powdery and cheap? This one looks elegant, understated and expensive. It's not too pigmented and not too sheer - perfect with a regular blush brush. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

I use this blush every single day and it's crazy but it makes me feel so happy putting it on. Lol. Then again, I don't own NARS Orgasm so I can't compare. Do check out the Tokidoki Robbery palette though, it's further discounted to US$39 at Sephora!! (I bought it for $49, boo.)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Review: Eucerin DermoPurifyer

Hi all! Happy Lunar New Year! Been away for a long time because I've been swamped in work. Usually I reach home after 2am in the morning and I had to work weekends too, I was so tired! I still don't get to go home for dinner these days but anything is better than still being in the client's office at 2am in the morning.

Anyway, I discovered this brand, Eucerin, in the drugstore. It's slightly more expensive than your average drugstore brand (these cost around SGD$20+ compared to SGD$10+ for brands like Clean&Clear) but it's pretty worth it! I've been having troubled skin because of the late nights and these help keep my skin from breaking out.

Eucerin DermoPurifyer Cleanser
It's a clear gel cleanser, foams quite easily and washes off cleanly without residue. It contains salicylic acid to unclog pores and it's one of the most gentle cleansers I've used! I'd say even people with dry skin can try this. Other cleansers which contain salicylic acid made my skin dry in the long run, but this cleanser doesn't. While it's gentle at cleansing, it cleanses thoroughly without stripping skin of moisture.

Rating: 10/10 (Yes I'd repurchase forever if only I weren't so fickle-minded)

Eucerin DermoPurifyer Creme-Gel
This is a moisturizer for blemished skin, it has a strange texture - creme-gel is a nice way to describe it. It is thick like a cream but not at all greasy, hence creme-gel. Here's a swatch to let you see the texture -

The instructions say to massage it into face. Usually when I spread stuff on my face, I spread downwards so as not to clog my pores, but for this one, I really do massage it into my pores so that the lactic acid can get into my pores to exfoliate and get the debris out.

I find this moisturizer has good oil control. Also, the really good thing about this moisturizer is that it really does moisturize - it's one of the rare moisturizers made for blemish-prone, oily skin that doesn't dry my skin out. However, the heavy texture can get a little annoying sometimes - it can make my skin feel sticky after a long day, and when I apply powder on my face using a fluffy brush, I feel like it's gunking up my brush with the stickiness. Still, while it feels heavy, it leaves a matte texture which I like because my skin tends to get oily. Also, it doesn't clog my pores. And I really like the compact tube it comes in - slightly flat and reminds me of some BB cream tubes!

Rating: 9/10

Hopefully I'll get to blog soon this weekend. See you (:


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