Sunday, April 24, 2011

Review: Fancl Facial Washing Powder

I got a sample of Fancl's facial washing powder as a gift-with-purchase and just finished using it. The little sponge ball helps create foam and is an absolute necessity; I could never get the powder to foam up well enough without it, and without the foam, it doesn't cleanse properly.

It takes just 1 teaspoonful of powder, some water and the help of the foam ball to create dense fluffy foam.

Apparently the Facial Washing Powder comes with a 'perfect cleansing sensor' to remove dirt without leaving your skin dry. I do feel it cleanses thoroughly without stripping skin of moisture but for evening cleansing, it really needs to be used with a washcloth, muslin cloth or the Fancl facial washing puff to provide some physical exfoliation. I find it sufficient on its own in the mornings, but if you're always in a rush in the mornings, the additional few minutes it takes to create foam really wastes quite a bit of time.

Fancl Facial Washing Powder retails at $26 for a 50g bottle and $48.50 for 2 bottles. Slightly pricey for me but a full-size bottle lasts me almost 2 months. I might consider re-purchasing if not for all my other cleansers waiting to be used. :P A couple of years ago, I tried out the Facial Washing Powder (Light) which is supposed to be used for oily skin. I think the original version (the one I'm reviewing right now) is better though.

Rating: 8/10

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Review: Skinfood Pineapple Peeling Gel

I was going to go jogging but it started raining. :( So here I am with another review!

Skinfood Pineapple Peeling Gel - I think it cost me about S$25 in Taiwan, but it should be cheaper on Gmarket and way more expensive in Singapore stores. It's this light exfoliating gel, kinda comparable to Cure Aqua Gel/Ginvera Marvel Gel in the sense that it doesn't really come with uniform scrubby exfoliating grains, but with little pieces of cellulose that rub off in pieces.

Like Cure/Ginvera, it's best used after cleansing and drying. Using on a wet or damp face reduces the exfoliating effect. Similar to Cure/Ginvera, I find I have to use quite a larger amount (as compared to conventional scrubs/exfoliators) so it's kinda pricey in a way.

You can see the little cellulose bits in the gel.

And when you scrub it off, it rubs off in pieces.

I find it a pretty gentle and effective exfoliator which can be used every day if you have normal skin. However it's not as gentle as Cure/Ginvera because I think the Skinfood gel contains pineapple extract which can sting my skin sometimes if I have an open zit or something. I feel Cure/Ginvera work as physical exfoliators while this one is both physical and chemical. It can also be slightly drying so I really need to moisturize well after use.

Rating: 7/10

Let me end off with some photos of cookies I made with my new oven, like, 2 months ago, when I ended a long engagement. According to a friend, it raised a furore when I posted it on Facebook (2 months late) cos they thought that I had so much time to bake and were jealous. Lol. There's nothing in my life to be jealous about, really. I've been quite down lately, thank God for friends or I would have given up a long time ago.

I bought the packaging from Daiso, is it cute? I baked the white chocolate chewy cookies for a friend who'd broken up with her bf but she didn't appear heartbroken after all so I gave the rest to my colleagues, lol!

I had a good Friday night out with friends and later I'm going out for some emotional support... I'm quite thankful for everyone who's been there for me, even if we're just hanging out or sending random texts throughout the week, it really helps me cope with all that... stuff.

Here's to a good week ahead (:

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Review: SKII facial treatment essence; Biobeauty Skincology Advanced Hydrating Creme EX2

After working for 6 months and having not too much time to spend too much $ (on busy periods I still sacrifice sleep to shop online though, to counter boredom ^^), I've graduated to experimenting with higher-end skincare/make-up products. Today I'll be reviewing SKII's infamous miracle water and another hyaluronic acid product - I've been using these 2 products together and find they work quite well on my super-breakout-prone skin - calming and non-irritating.

BioBeauty Skincology Advanced Hydrating Creme EX2
This product can be purchased through Payeasy. It's the cream version of the BioBeauty Skincology Advanced Hydrating Serum II that I've previously reviewed. It's slightly more expensive than the serum. The serum is NT350 for 30ml while the creme is NT380 for 30g. The ingredients are simple and soothing - hyaluronic acid, vitamin A, C, B5, B3, aloe vera and soy protein. It has a light and refreshing gel texture that totally doesn't clog pores at all (very gentle, soothing, non-reactive and friendly to sensitive skin) - a very safe product. The only thing that kind of freaks me out is how opaque it is. Like, unnaturally plasticky white, don't you think? Apart from that, everything is peachy!

Oh, and I do dislike how cheap the packaging looks with the blue sticker. However, it is easily removed - without the blue sticker, it looks quite elegant and almost matches my SKII bottle with its white plastic cap and frosted glass jar.

Because it has a pretty light texture, it may not be moisturizing enough for people with really dry skin. I guess it'd work better for people with slightly dry to super oily skin. It doesn't make my face oil up any more than it usually does. When I'm in air-conditioning, I layer this quite a bit, so one jar lasts me a month or thereabouts.

Rating: 9/10

SKII Facial Treatment Essence
Moving on to the star product - SKII! This is cheaper at dutyfree so I get my sis to buy it for me. I think of this as the La Mer of Asia. At first I got kind of confused - this totally looks like toner, but it'd be way too wasteful to use it as such! (Especially since I finish a bottle of toner a month!) This is supposed to be used after toner, before moisturizer. When I use this, I avoid using acne treatments or moisturizers with too fancy ingredients (like lactic acid, salicylic acid, etc) just in case it counteracts with the treatment essence. (No scientific proof on this, anyone knows? Cos SKII is way too expensive for me to use it anyhow. I usually layer a light hyaluronic acid cream/essence over it.) I shake out about 5-6 drops and lightly pat it on my face, wait for it to absorb and layer moisturizer.

The thing about SKII essence is... it stinks. Literally. It smells weird. But bearable. (The scent is quite light.) I also find it gives me a slight glow the next morning and calms my skin down when I'm very stressed. It is not meant to be used as a moisturizer so you definitely need to layer one over it. It didn't work wonders for me straightaway, but after 7 days, I noticed my skin getting calmer. You definitely need to use it long-term to experience the effects. For the exorbitant price though, I expected more than that. Like, faster and more dramatic effects. :P

Rating: 9/10

Today's post is about almost HGs, but not quite there yet!

Midweek - I'm just about surviving... Friday is coming and I cannot wait. I can't wait to meet people and rant. It's fun to rant with people who are experiencing bad luck as well, but sometimes I wonder if we should hang out so much cos maybe the bad karma is recirculating amongst us. :P


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