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Review and swatches: Fancl Nail Color, Jelly Nail Coat and Nail Color Remover

There was a Fancl anniversary sale (20% off) a couple of weeks ago and since I had the Isetan credit card which gives me 5% off, I bought a nail color, jelly nail coat and nail color remover, plus a bunch of other stuff. I saved so much!

I bought Fancl nail polish because I always had the impression that Fancl's products are 'safer' with ingredients that are free of preservatives. I've always hated the chemicals in nail polish (smells horrid and kills your brain cells) so I thought Fancl would be a good alternative.

With flash

After 5 days, slight tip wear, no chipping

Fancl Nail Color - Skinny Beige
This is a nice coral-nude color. In my swatches above I had 2 coats on, no top coat. Consistency is on the thicker side. Coverage is opaque from the first coat but looks neater with a second coat. I find this polish works best with a double coat; the thick consistency makes it difficult to build up a third coat as bubbles might appear and it'll be more difficult to dry. Drying time is average, about 10 minutes. The thing I really like about this nail polish is that the thick texture makes this super resistant to chipping (I think it's due to hydrolyzed silk), you can see from the photos above that I get slight tip wear after 5 days which is very even with no chipping, quite a feat as I do quite a bit of violent typing. ^_^


Price is S$16 (about US$11) for a regular sized bottle that expires 1 year after opening and 3 years from manufacturing date. It comes in 5 colors: skinny beige, milky pink, ice rose, pink bronze and sparkling gold. Check it out here. I'd love to try milky pink next. I think the only thing bad about this polish range is the limited variety of colours! Pretty affordable for a counter brand, especially when I purchased it at 25% off. (:

Rating: 9/10

Fancl Jelly Nail Coat Base & Top
The jelly nail coat is supposed to give a jelly appearance, like Gelish nails, I suppose. The photos above are 2 coaters - I find 1 coat not shiny enough and 3 coats too difficult to dry and not worth the trouble. The jelly coat can be used as both base and top coat, but it's not a particularly great top coat because it's not as tough and chip-proof as Sally Hansen's Mega Shine top coat. Also, I'm not too satisfied with its 'jelly' claims because I would have preferred it to looks 'squishier' like real jelly nails. Also, drying time is a wee bit too long. I think it takes like 15 minutes to dry 2 coats properly.

Price is the same as the nail color. I don't think I'd repurchase again; I'd prefer to try other jelly nail coats, like Canmake's!


Rating: 7/10

Fancl Nail Color Remover
This is a star find! It comes in a nice glass bottle, S$13 (about US$9) for 55ml It's alcohol free so it's non-drying, and it contains Nail Emollient Oil which help nourish your nails. I can feel the oiliness but I'm fine with it, it does feel like it's conditioning my nails. And the best thing is, this strips color really fast! Way better than other cheap nail polish removers which are drying and stink. The best part - this nail polish remover smells like artificial melon candy! (It's a kinda sickly sweet melon candy scent, but still better than the regular acetone fumes. Plus, a little goes a long way. I drip a little on a cotton pad and it's enough for one hand. A very worthy purchase!

Rating: 10/10

I don't know if Fancl is easy to purchase in other non-Asian countries, but it's really a pretty good brand. I'm sure everyone knows it for its Mild Cleansing Oil (which I love as well), but it does have other really good products as well. The nail polish was a good find, I do think I'll repurchase the nail color and nail polish remover. I've also repurchased their powder foundation (hope to review soon) and drink Tense-up (their collagen supplement) when I'm on stressful engagements that wreck my skin. Overall I think Fancl is a pretty good brand (there were so many people swarming the counter during the anniversary sale) that's worth a try! I hope to review more products soon when I have the time. >_<

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Kalmo said...

Oh Fancl! I've always wanted to try their oil cleanser. Your nails are perfect, perfect shape and cuticles. haha Yeah NP smells awful but a lot of companies are big 3 free (free of the bad chemicals now).

The nude color is gorgeous. It seems all lot of Fancl products have shorter lifespans because they have awesome and natural ingredients, awesome!


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