Sunday, November 20, 2011

Review: The Body Shop Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask + Kite-flying at Marina Barrage

I recently finished a tub of The Body Shop's Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask. My sister tried it out and thought it was good so she actually bought a second tub! For me, it wasn't especially fantastic and it costs S$32.90 (US$22) which is kinda pricy for a 100ml tub, so I wouldn't repurchase because there are many good clay masks out there and I'm always trying new stuff. (I only repurchase when the product is seriously seriously good - I should probably devote a post to the items which made it on my repurchase list.) But anyway, I'm pretty sure the 100ml mask can last up to half a year with weekly usage (I only used it up faster because my sister was using it as well), so I guess it's not that expensive.
The mask is really a mud mask (the texture is like mud, with tiny silt particles in it) and it has an oceany fragrance which... kinda smells like the sea. Honestly I don't really like the fragrance, I guess it's supposed to smell nice - to me, it smells like the sea (real seawater really doesn't smell that nice) and some sort of fresh fragrance which is trying to cover up the smell of the seawater. Fragrance doesn't bother me much though - the substance is more important!

The description on The Body Shop's website goes "100% natural clay complex cleanses and revitalizes skin; negatively charged ions act like magnets to draw out dirt and impurities from the pores." The instructions say to use weekly and it's best for oily combination skin, and that is totally true. I have oily but dehydrated skin, and it acts pretty well to draw out the gunk in my pores. The mask isn't the best at drawing out impurities, but it is 80% there in degunking my pores; at the very least, after I rinse the mask away, it is much easier to do extraction and my pores look smaller and cleaner. However, I find I can only use this weekly - any more frequently and it stings my skin slightly.

How I use it is that I'll slather it on, leave for 10 mins until it dries (this is the kind of mask that will dry), then lightly dampen my skin and rub it off my skin gradually, adding more water as necessary until it gets all rinsed away! This way, the tiny silt particles help provide extra exfoliating action. While the mask stings my skin if I use it too frequently, it is not drying.


Overall, I'd have to say that this mask does what it claims to do (good for oily/combination skin) but if you have sensitive skin, skip it. Mainly I deducted points for the fragrance and the price, but it's still a good product.

Rating: 8/10

A couple of weekends ago, I went to Marina Barrage for a picnic and some kite-flying! It's a really nice place to go to - it's all windy but it can get real chilly after 8pm.
2 little boys were flying Angry Birds kites - so cute!
Last Friday I had dinner at Watami with an old friend cos she just graduated. It's always great catching up with people especially to get the goss on new boyfriends, etc, haha! We had the Watami set dinner which consists of the following and made us really, really full. The milk custard was ala carte and seriously good! Really value-for-money.
And recently my friend WhatsApped me the following photo:
It's dress-up Rilakkuma stickers!!! So adorable OMG!!!!!! :D

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Anonymous said...

i seldom use BS products, this sounds like a nice mask. I never use clay masks these days but it seems like a good idea to having a detox mask every week!


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