Saturday, February 25, 2012

Review: Nature's Farm Pycno Skinpure skin supplement

Through the influence of my friends, I installed the Groupon app on my iPhone and since then I've become crazily addicted! I purchased this Pycno Skinpure skin supplement from Nature's Farm using a Groupon voucher. The original price was S$74.50 for 30 satchets but I purchased it at half-price.
Basically it's a skin drink which contains marine collagen (1,400mg) and pycnogenol (11mg), plus a 'proprietary perfect skin blend' at 200mg. I think the other ingredients like Vitamin C and E are present in amounts too small to be of any effect (usually Vit C supplements come in amounts of at least a few hundred mg, but here it's present at only 10mg). Surprisingly this supplement also contains 25mcg of Biotin which helps to strengthen hair and nails. According to Wikipedia, biotin supplements usually range from 30mcg-100mcg, so 25mcg should be pretty sufficient to produce slight noticeable effects.
This is how the powder looks before and after... usually I just put it into a cup of room-temperature water (I don't use warm water because I don't know if the heat will render the ingredients inactive) and it takes a lot of stirring to make it dissolve, which is a pain. It tastes nice and sweet with a berry taste, but the first few times I could taste the aftertaste of marine collagen which could not be covered by the berry flavoring. After about a week though, the taste grew on me and I find it pretty palatable.
So here are all the benefits claimed by Pycno Skinpure... the recommended dosage is 1 satchet 1-3 times a day. I guess the main difference between this skin drink and other collagen supplements is that it contains pycnogenol, which stabilizes collagen and maintains the elastin in your skin. Plus it has powerful antioxidant benefits and it's the component in wine that reduces risk of coronary heart disease. Well, all this means nothing to me - what matters are the results.

I've been taking one satchet almost every night before bedtime (almost, because sometimes I'm too tired and just want to go to bed), and after 1 week I notice I wake up with brighter, smoother skin which is generally calmer (smaller pore size, zits are less inflamed). I suffer from poor blood circulation which causes skin discolouration, but this supplement seems to have evened out my skintone so that I wake up with more radiant skin. I can't say anything about improvements to fine lines and wrinkles though, because I'm not in that age category. :P

As for the frequency of consumption, I think it's fine taking it once daily, because it's expensive to take it more frequently (S$74.50 for 30 satchets is pretty expensive to me, it's like US$55 a month) and I've heard horror stories of other people overdosing on collagen supplements leading to adverse health effects.
Do I like it? Yes, I like the effects, but I think there could be improvements in the taste and how well it dissolves. Plus, it's too expensive for me to consume every day. (Maybe if you're young you can get away with consuming it once a week.) And you can definitely find cheaper collagen powders like Meiji Amino Collagen, except they don't contain pycnogenol.

Rating: 8/10

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the informative review! my girlfriend also found improvements in her skin condition after taking the drink. Your review makes me feel like buying too!!


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