Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Review: Organia Extra Virgin Olive Oil Water Drop Essence Hand Cream

Recently I ran out of my Crabtree & Evelyn Lavender Hand Therapy (my holy grail), so I decided to try out a tube of Organia Extra Virgin Olive Oil Water Drop Essence Hand Cream which I purchased at the drugstore a while ago, I think it was going for about S$2 in the bargain bin. I really love the design on the tube, don't you think it's so cute? One of those pretty Korean brands.
The cream feels water-based (I don't know how true it is since it supposedly contains extra virgin olive oil, but it sure feels like water to me) and looks like a frosted white, similar in texture to Bio Beauty Skincology Advanced Hydrating Creme.
When rubbed on, it forms tiny water droplets on the skin! Do you see? That's why they call it 'water drop essence' I suppose. It feels quite refreshing and absorbs well, it leaves my hands feeling moist immediately after use. Because it feels like water, it is very light. After the initial moistness though, I don't feel anything on my hands.

It is only very lightly moisturizing, I have to apply it much more frequently than other hand creams. While this may be good for people who don't really have very dry hands in the first place, or good if you stay in a country like Singapore with high humidity, I can't see it working in dry places. My ultimate hand cream test - whether it can smoothen my dry cuticles and make them look presentable in a jiffy. Sadly, this one doesn't quite cut it. I can't imagine it working in dry, temperate countries where my cuticles get so dry and ugly.

While the packaging is cute, handy and portable (50g tube), the screw top cap is also a little troublesome. I'd prefer a flip top cap for easier access. I do love the pretty design though, it is a hand cream I would happily whip out to apply because it is so pretty.

Rating: 6/10


mandy said...

hey do u mind to specific where was the place u got this hand cream? it sounds interesting! i would like to try...thank you :)

Fiona Star said...

Hi Mandy,

I purchased it from Watson's drugstore in Singapore.


Anonymous said...

I like this water drop hand cream very much, but it ran out recently, i searched many branch of Watson(as last time i bought from Watson), all dont sell this, anyone can tell me, where i can get it in Singapore?


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