Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Review: Juju Aquamoist Hyaluronic Acid Cleansing Foam

I noticed my Juju Aquamoist Hyaluronic Acid Cleansing Foam running low recently, so I decided to review it before it's completely gone! It's a relatively more expensive drugstore cleanser (SASA has it for ~US$11), but I bought it at a sale. I haven't tried Biore's Marshmallow Whip facial foam, but I think they are similar, because they're both liquid cleansers which pump out airy foam, like so:
The foam is nice and light, and I think it would suit absolutely any skin type. It contains hyaluronic acid, so it leaves my skin feeling moisturized, yet the feeling is so light, and it cleanses really well. It rinses off cleanly and never leaves a drying feeling. While I use it only as a morning cleanser, the cleansing power is definitely good enough to use for evening cleansing too. Plus, Biore Marshmallow Whip doesn't contain hyaluronic acid, but this does!

Juju Aquamoist Hyaluronic Acid Cleansing Foam comes in a 150g bottle. The thing is, as compared to a regular cleansing gel or facial foam at the same weight, you're paying for a larger volume of water weight, because the water is what creates the foam. (With a regular cleansing gel, you're paying for the concentrated ingredients, because you add water yourself to foam it up manually.) That's why I find that I go through such liquid-type cleansing foams more quickly than regular gel-type or paste-type facial foams.

I really like this cleanser though - what makes it different from other moisturizing cleansers, is that it is suitable for oily/acne-prone skin. Other moisturizing cleansers usually feel more heavy and take time to rinse off cleanly, and might not be good at cleansing, but this Juju Aquamoist cleansing foam is everything and more - moisturizing yet light, cleanses well while retaining moisture and rinses off easily. And it's a really soothing cleanser for skin that has acne flare-ups - it cleanses well without aggravating acne and leaves your skin protected because it doesn't dry your skin out. Plus, just pump and go!

Other observations - the fragrance is light and clean-smelling, a universally likeable scent. While I think this cleansing foam is slightly expensive for a drugstore cleanser, it is an outstanding performer. As such:

Rating: 10/10

I'm thoroughly impressed! I can't wait to repurchase it (after I've finished my remaining stash of 98237689 cleansers). ^^

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Review: Travalo Travel Perfume Atomiser

Well hello! I missed a post last week because I've been tired out from work - it's The Return of The Late Nights... (Not like they ever went away really.)The good thing is, I'll be stuck at this particular client's place for 3 months (so far a month has passed) and it's in town, smack in the middle of a bunch of huge shopping malls, so it isn't too depressing, I feel quite happy really being surrounded by shopping awesomeness! :) There's a huge Guardian pharmacy there, where I picked up the Travalo travel-sized perfume atomiser, after seeing it advertised in lots of magazines.
There's a huge "Travalo" print at the back - a little offputting, but ok, it looks pretty cute in cursive. It comes in lots of colors - pink, silver, black, red... but my friend was with me and was like 'I bet you'll choose pink' and so to prove that I don't choose pink all the time, I chose gold! It's nice and classic and I like gold better than silver. :) It's a matte brushed-metal finish.
There's a hole at the bottom of the atomiser, for you to attach to your perfume nozzle (after removing the cap) and refill. Refilling is easy, just attach and pump! I have used it for 2 weeks and I've come up with a list of pros and cons:

The shatterproof glass window allows you to keep track of usage. It's approved for use in airplanes and it's completely leak-proof (I used to carry my body spray in a tiny plastic spray bottle but it would invariable leak; my bag smelt wonderful though).

The capacity is only 4ml; this is good for perfumes since you won't use too much, but bad for body sprays since you need to spray more and it won't last. I tried refilling it with my body spray and it lasted me barely a week. Plus, while the method of refilling via the hole at the bottom is very convenient, the presence of the hole means your precious fragrance will evaporate with time. I wanted to get the Travalo to store my body spray for travel (so that I'll have more space in my luggage), but it seems like it won't work for me, because it won't last for trips longer than 7 days.

It's also difficult to 'wash' the Travalo if you want to fill it with a different fragrance - you need to fill a spray pump with water, refill the Travalo with water in the same way as you refill your fragrance, and spray it away. Lastly, it's pretty pricey - I paid S$15 for it.

Conclusion: I'm in 2 minds about it... I absolutely love the fact that it is so reliably leak-proof (my plastic spray bottles always leak in my bag!), but there are so many other cons. I've also seen metal atomisers at Muji (I don't think they refill in the same way as the Travalo; I think they refill in the 'traditional' pump way) that are similarly priced, however I don't know how leakproof they are, but of course they will be easier to wash. Plus the Muji ones are prettier because they don't have the glass window, and they don't have the brand printed on them.

Rating: 7/10 (It's leakproof which is a huge pro which helps offset all the other cons)

Maybe I'll get the Muji atomiser to try someday... but not too soon, it makes me feel guilty when I buy similar things all at the same time. :P

Oh and here's a photo of my Mum's birthday cake I got her, I love birthday cakes!
It's strawberry and blueberry vanilla cream from Rive Gauche, airy and light. Yum~ 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Review: L'oreal Mythic Oil and Earrings Organizer!

Well hello! I just dyed my hair again a couple of weeks ago and purchased a bottle of L'oreal Mythic Oil at the hair salon, cos the hairdresser applied this to my hair after treatment and it felt so silky soft! (Plus I read about it in magazines and had huge lemmings to buy it already, so I was ready to whip out my wallet when the hairdresser promoted it to me, oops. Terrible.)
I paid S$42 for a 125ml bottle which is expensive for cheap little me, but I think it'll last me more than a year. I've used it daily for 2 weeks, it's like I haven't used it at all. I have really thick hair that just touches my shoulders, I use just half a pump and it's enough to smooth out my hair. It smells a little bit like Johnson's Baby Shampoo, a little floral and very nice.
Usually I apply it to my freshly washed, towel-dried hair before blowdrying. I don't like applying to dry hair, I find it distributes and absorbs better in damp hair. However, while regular hair oils/ hair serums make my hair look a little greasy and clumpy when applied to dry hair, Mythic Oil applies well to dry hair too, so if you haven't washed your hair but still wanna smooth it out, you could rub a few drops sparingly through the hair-ends and still look good.

Before using Mythic Oil, my hair was really dry and damaged because I dye it frequently and use a blowdryer every night, without heat protectant or anything! Ok, I still don't use heat protectant, but now I apply Mythic Oil before blowdrying and my hair is so much better. (Pardon the flyaways, I didn't smooth them out ^^; but before using Mythic Oil my hair was so. Much. Worse.)
I'm giving it 9/10 cos I think you can find hair oils of similar quality but lower price at the drugstore. The good thing about Mythic Oil is that it's not greasy, doesn't make your hair look greasy even when you apply a lot, and smells wonderful!

Rating: 9/10
Anyway, I'd just like to share a little something I made yesterday - an organizer for earrings!
Isn't it pretty? I made it using a photoframe, a Marc Jacobs cardboard cut-out from an old mook, and BBQ net. Notice the pink feather earrings - I bought them from H&M cos they're so bimbotically me, then I went home and tried them on and started laughing because they tickle me, and I'm super ticklish! So I haven't worn them out yet. :P
So this is one of my closet doors! I neatened it up a lot. One of my resolutions this year is to organize, purge and de-clutter my place! It really gives me more peace of mind. I hope to make more progress and will take more photos as things develop - seriously I feel so happy when stuff is organized and neat. It takes so much stress away!

The thing about this earring organizer though, is that it only works for hook earrings, and not earrings with posts. I'm hoping to go to Art Friend one weekend to grab canvas mesh and make a version for my post earrings. :) Till next time~

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Happy daze

I'm taking a break from reviewing all my beauty stuff this week! I'm suffering indigestion from all that feasting this weekend, heh. A very 'recharging' weekend!
I had a lovely brunch at PS Cafe at Paragon, and had the PS Breakfast Stack (first photo) - the tomato coddled egg is delish!!! And the huge portobello mushroom, yumyum. And the toast is super yummy, it isn't like toast at all - it's thick and tastes delicious (olive oil I think) and the texture is like cake. Very filling. And the truffle fries - portion is huge! It remains yummy and crispy even after a while, unlike regular fries that go soggy and gross.
I had yummy chestnut okowa set at the Takashimaya basement. The rice is like glutinous rice, chewy like mochi and super yummy! A very healthy kind of meal which still tastes delish.
I had a manicure done, in China Glaze For Audrey - it's not as Tiffany Blue as I hoped it would be, but it's pretty!
I bought a Rilakkuma train pass case at a flea market - so cute! The shop is called Faburikku and you can customise the colour combinations, I quite like it.
And here's just another addition (a while ago) to my Rilakkuma family :)

I hope there'll be more lovely days to come...


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