Sunday, May 6, 2012

Happy daze

I'm taking a break from reviewing all my beauty stuff this week! I'm suffering indigestion from all that feasting this weekend, heh. A very 'recharging' weekend!
I had a lovely brunch at PS Cafe at Paragon, and had the PS Breakfast Stack (first photo) - the tomato coddled egg is delish!!! And the huge portobello mushroom, yumyum. And the toast is super yummy, it isn't like toast at all - it's thick and tastes delicious (olive oil I think) and the texture is like cake. Very filling. And the truffle fries - portion is huge! It remains yummy and crispy even after a while, unlike regular fries that go soggy and gross.
I had yummy chestnut okowa set at the Takashimaya basement. The rice is like glutinous rice, chewy like mochi and super yummy! A very healthy kind of meal which still tastes delish.
I had a manicure done, in China Glaze For Audrey - it's not as Tiffany Blue as I hoped it would be, but it's pretty!
I bought a Rilakkuma train pass case at a flea market - so cute! The shop is called Faburikku and you can customise the colour combinations, I quite like it.
And here's just another addition (a while ago) to my Rilakkuma family :)

I hope there'll be more lovely days to come...

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