Sunday, August 26, 2012

Review: Renew Balancing Gel Cleanser; Singapore Night Festival 2012

Recently I've finished using a cleanser that I've repurchased - Renew Balancing Gel Cleanser. My skin had been terribly clogged and congested for months and this cleanser played a part in helping to rebalance my skin. I'm happy to say that now my skin is getting much better! There's still a long way to go because while I don't have so many clogged pores now, they have left quite a few scars/red marks on my face. 

Anyway, I've reviewed products from Renew before, and absolutely loved them. I love this gel cleanser too! It is similar to Sukin Foaming Facial Cleanser, because I believe Renew and Sukin are related companies. It's also similar to Avalon Organics Lavender Cleansing Gel. This is SLS and paraben-free, and it's low-foaming, so if you're not used to such a low-foaming formula, you might be a little annoyed. I love it, it feels gentle on my skin and it doesn't strip skin of moisture. This Renew cleanser has a light tangerine/vanilla scent which is less complex than Sukin's delicious fragrance. Sukin smells better, but Renew seems to cleanse better - Sukin seems to leave a little layer of film on my skin after cleansing (essential oil, perhaps) but Renew rinses clean, such that I have the option of not using toner after. Between the two, I think Renew is more suited for oily skin. I love that this cleanser is inexpensive and made of natural ingredients, plus there are always periodic sales for Renew and Sukin at the drugstore.

Ingredients: Aqua, organic german chamomile, organic aloe vera, organic witch hazel, organic green tea, decyl glucoside (vegetable), cocomidopropyl betaine (vegetable), PEG-150 pentaerythrityl tetrastearate (vegetable), glycerin (vegetable), sodium chloride, sodium hydroxymethylglycinate (vegetable), citric acid (pH balance), grapefruit seed extract, phenoxyethanol, macadamia seed oil, organic rosehip oil, evening primrose oil, Australian sandalwood oil, tangerine essential oil, vanilla extract

In short - the price is right for an awesome product. :)

Rating: 10/10
On Friday, I went to the Singapore Night Festival. Some museums were open for free to the public, there were light shows and exhibitions and a busking competition.
This was a cute exhibit of lighted doodles on the steps of SOTA (School of the Arts). I always feel a little wistful when I walk past SOTA because it opened after I went to university. SOTA starts from the high-school level, so it would have been nice if it was an option for me when I was in high school. Then again, though I have always been the artsy and weird one among my friends, I have also always been very practical in my choices...
One of the street dancers had a hot pink boombox. I LOVE IT!!!!! Does anyone know where I can get one???
There was the Night Lights show at the Singapore Art Museum. Some nature theme, with vines, birds, fire... Pretty cool, but I thought last year's was cuter! Last year's, the building looked like it was hip-hoppin'. Ha!
Some creepy installation at the courtyard, the shadows move as the lights move back and forth, and there's eerie music too.
Some eyeballs on display at SAM@8Q. My friends had a discussion of which coloured lenses they wanted to try. -_-U
This is a really cute but slightly "hmm..." video installation of little fishies in a fish tank. Water is poured in, then the little fishies have a feeding frenzy... then the plug is pulled and water drains out glug glug glug and where do the fishies go, I wonder...
A circular table-tennis table. You can play ping-pong on it - my friends and I did, and we totally sucked!
There was a light show at the National Museum of Singapore too, but it wasn't as nice as the one at SAM. This one was more nationalistic - like, it shows all the four races, historical stuff...
 I really like the swinging chandeliers in the National Museum, they swing so fast my camera had trouble focusing... My friends thought it looked ghostly, but they reminded me of Beauty and the Beast, and "Be Our Guest" just played in my head just then. Am I weird?
3D art everyone was crowding around.
This lone staircase at the National Museum is supposed to be haunted, my friends were all creeped out but I said "Hey this looks like a good spot to take a wedding photo..." Doesn't it??
I spotted these... things sitting on a bench outside the museum. I don't know what they're supposed to represent really. It's the 7th month right now (for the Chinese, it's the Hungry Ghost festival when the gates of Hell open and the ghosts are free to roam for a month), so it's really quite creepy.

Well it was a nice experience and I was pleasantly surprised to see so many Singaporeans out and about the museums. (Usually I think, we stay in the shopping belt?) I really enjoyed the atmosphere. Till next time then~


Jacqueline said...

I just read your post and was wondering where to comment. Argh... wish I read it sooner, my son would have loved to see this.

Becca @ The Beauty Sample said...

This looks like a really great experience--I wish I could have gone! We never have cool festivals like that here :/


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