Sunday, May 26, 2013

Jakarta & Herborist Mandi Lulur

I'm in Jakarta right now and when I'm in a new city, I always go looking for new beauty stuff! I picked up this Herborist Mandi Lulur scrub last weekend. There are a variety of flavours (I remember seeing green tea) but I bought the one with milk extract. 
Mandi Lulur is a kind of scrub that is used in Indonesian spa treatments and there are many brands on the market, including Purbasari, which is really cheap. It can cost just barely S$1++ for a tub of Purbasari, but the ingredients list doesn't contain too many natural ingredients. This Herborist Mandi Lulur tub (200g) cost me barely S$3 and I think the ingredients are better. Have a look:
The Herborist Mandi Lulur scrub contains rice starch, milk lipids, ceramide, olive oil... Whereas Purbasari consists of a majority of mineral oil and other chemicals. While Herborist also contains mineral oil, it's much lower down the list and it contains more natural ingredients. Anyway they're both so cheap, the price difference doesn't matter. Just go for the Herborist!
I immediately tried it out - it's a very creamy scrub (no lather) and leaves a light layer of oil/moisture on my skin that doesn't feel uncomfortable at all. It has tiny bits of rice grains in it which are quite small but feel quite scrubby (gentler than St Ives facial scrub). The grains are not as densely packed as St Ives scrubs, but still scrubby enough for exfoliation. It feels a little like a slightly less grainy sugar scrub. I have tried gentler scrubs and in terms of gentleness vs scrubbiness, with 0 being gentle and 5 being St Ives' kind of harsh exfoliation, this would be a 4. 

I like it quite a lot - the price is good and it moisturizes well. In fact, I just purchased a second tub today for my mum. Minus one point, because the grains are a wee bit harsh and not as densely packed as I would like it to be. 

Rating: 9/10
Anyway, last weekend I went to Central Jakarta's Ambassador Mall and Grand Indonesia. They're so different! Ambassador Mall is a messy place filled with small shops and random stuff, where you can try to bargain. I bought a quirky bangle there for S$3:

Then we moved on the Grand Indonesia, which was so different! It's full of high-end brands. I had a great lunch at Social House, which is a lovely restaurant which offers a mixture of Japanese and Western dishes. 

The stuff at Ambassador Mall is underwhelming and nothing to shout about. I liked Plaza Indonesia because it has some unique brands that can't be found in Singapore, such as this shop called Scoop スクープ which sells craft items and other cute stuff for your home. I was really tempted to buy a fake  shrub in a pot that was pruned into a heart shape! 

I went out today as well and bought some more stuff but it's late so I'll update again soon. 

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