Saturday, June 8, 2013

Review: Biore UV Tint Milk SPF30 PA++ (Ultra Holy Grail!!!!!) & Good Day Vanilla Latte

Biore UV Tint Milk in Ivory and Natural
This is one product I'm absolutely crazy about right now - Biore UV Tint Milk! My younger sister is fair (NC15) and she uses Ivory, while I'm fair-medium (NC25) and use Natural. We bought this in Taiwan for about $6 a bottle, so affordable! For people with oily skin, this is a really good alternative to BB creams or tinted moisturizers. It provides light matte coverage with SPF and helps my powder foundation last longer. On weekends, this is all I wear when I'm not going to town. It helps to even out skintone while keeping my face shine-free!
This review will be more on the Natural colour that I use and really love. I have a lot of trouble finding sunscreens that I can use by itself, without adding powder or foundation over it. Untinted sunscreens are usually white and might leave a slight white cast on my face without providing tinted coverage so I don't feel comfortable going out barefaced, while tinted sunscreens are usually too pale, or do not have a matte texture. 

For example, Sofina Jenne Day Protector is untinted, so I still need to go over it with powder or foundation because I'm not comfortable going out barefaced like that. B.Liv Got Me Covered Sunscreen/FoundationDHC AcneCare UV Protection MilkSunkiller Super Block Skintone, Sunkiller Kirei Hada and Mentholatum Acnes UV Tint Milk are all a little too pale for my fair-medium skintone, so I always have to add powder after sunscreen application to avoid a skintone disaster. Also, even though I really loved Sunkiller Kirei Hada, it had a pearlescent luminous finish that I have to use finishing powder with, to avoid oily-looking skin. Also, Kirei Hada's coverage wasn't super good. 

Compared to all the above, Biore UV Tint Milk in Natural is my SAVIOUR! Here's a comparison of the Ivory and Natural colours:

Biore UV Tint Milk in Ivory and Natural
Can you see that the finish is matte, and the coverage is really good for a tinted milk? Natural looks too dark for my skintone here, but trust me, it is not. I think it will suit NC25-30 really really well. It provides a smooth, matte veil that blurs my pores and minute imperfections. I feel totally comfortable wearing a layer of this to go out to my neighbourhood mall, to the pool, to yoga class etc etc. 
Biore UV Tint Milk in Ivory, a mix of Ivory and Natural, and Natural. 
Ok, I shall talk a bit on the Ivory shade as well. It looks really pale here and my older sister commented that my younger sister looks a little too pale with it on, and she's really pretty fair! So I mixed the 2 shades up and I think it's perfect. Ivory is a wee bit too pale for NC15, but I think a mixture of the 2 would be good. I really hope sunscreen companies would make UV tint milks in a multitude of shades, just like foundations! It would be a dream come true. 

Anyway, I bought these in Taiwan but I haven't been able to find these in Singapore or our neighbouring countries, Malaysia and Indonesia. I couldn't find it in Hong Kong either. Does anyone know if there's any place in Singapore that carries Biore UV Tint Milk in Natural? Please let me know! :)

So, in summary, I LOVE THIS. It is my ultimate holy grail item and I'm going to ask all my friends who are going to Taiwan on holiday to get me a bottle of this!

Rating: 10/10      STAR STAR STAR~!!!!!!!!!!
Moving on... here's a little something I bought from Indonesia - Good Day Vanilla Latte instant coffee satchets. Each box has 5 satchets and cost around 4,000-5,000 IDR, which is like 60 cents? Super cheap and yummy! Really delicious - the coffee is pretty strong and thick, while the vanilla taste adds an extra yum. I find Jakarta a non-touristy place so it's difficult to buy omiyage (foodie souvenirs) back for family and friends - this is something to buy, albeit a little cheap for a gift. :P
 It comes in other flavours like Mocachinno (Mocha+Chino), Chococinno, Carrebian Nut, Original and Coolin', but Vanilla Latte seemed the most popular because there were only a few boxes of it left on the shelf. Tastes really good and I wish I'd bought more!


Anonymous said...

I suggest you try the "light" shade of the Biore Face Milk :-) I've been using it for over a year, it is exactly the shade between ivory and natural ;-) Should suits you ! Regards. Sophie

Fiona Star said...

Really? I didn't see that shade around! Thanks for letting me know, I'll definitely keep a lookout for it when I next go to Taiwan. :)


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